Tales of the Abyss – Collection Update

Recently got in a bunch of new items for my TotA collection, so I thought I’d share them here. :3

First up, are some items from the Abyss anime.
Mieu Strap Case
Mieu Pouch
Fortune Medals A ,B, & C
Gashapon Straps
Reversible Plate Keychains
Tales of Friends Bookmarks

The straps are doubles, as I already have all four of them. However, the reversible keychains are new, and could only be bought from gashapon machines at Animate.

Here’s a closeup of them. :3 I have a complete set of 8 plus doubles of short-haired Luke and Asch.

Next up is the Prop Plus Petit Circkle K Store Exclusive Set.

This is Not the normal set. It could only be ordered at the Circkle K convenience store in Japan. The lines printed on the bases are all different from the normal versions.

The left is the Circle K version, right is the normal. (source: http://fhd.blog21.fc2.com/blog-entry-257.html )

Left: I’m the ambassador, dammit!
Right: Shut up, Thing!

Tales of VS hand towel
Animate Point Card Deco Seal

Tales of VS Pre-order Exclusive Folder
Tales of the Abyss Card Box 1

This is one of my favorite Abyss items of all time! The Luke and Asch Necklace from Tales of Festival 2011.
Because I’m a crazy fan, I have 3 of these hard-to-find babies. 8D

No, I’m only kidding… half-ly. XD I do have 3, but it’s only because I got scammed by a seller who gave me one claiming it was new/sealed, but it was very much used. So I had to find another one to replace it, but ended up with 2 more. >>’ Somehow.

One of them will be for sale in the future!

Here’s a shot of the back. :3 The front says “L” and “A” in the fonic alphabet and the back has Luke’s cute cool demon mark.

Finally, is another of my favorite items! A one-of-a-kind film strip of Asch and Emil from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3.

This was an exclusive pre-order item for ordering RM3. Everyone got one piece of the film strip cut from all the anime sequences of the game (opening, ending, etc). As such, some film strips really suck and others are awesome. XD

This specific scene can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgFU1DOZY5s&feature=related
It’s kinda cute and funny to see Asch like that. XD I wanna find the film of him drinking, too. ❤

The film is very small, so this is as good of a photo as I could get. It’s inside a protective cardboard casing and then wrapped in plastic.

That’s all for now! I will also have a sale up in the next few days on my deviantArt page with some awesome items. Including a Tales of Friends: Asch Rubber Strap!

Until then~


9 thoughts on “Tales of the Abyss – Collection Update

  1. I love this blog of yours – it gives me a chance to fangirl twice!!

    *is still crazy jealous of your 3 necklaces* XD
    Okay – we got that out of the way.

    Seeing this actually reminded me that I’ve been meaning to try and find another gashapon strap set. My Luke is so discoloured and wrecked from spending the last several years on my cellphone – most of his hair has gone gray. Jade… well he’s Jade – he got away from me. I found him again! and he escaped again. *sigh*

    I actually really enjoyed that mini scene of everyone eating together – it was so cute. Asch drinking tea was adorable and it made me really happy inside. XD Thanks! I’ll be fangirlling for the rest of the day at work~ which shall be epic me thinks – yep!

    (Also – the Tales of friends bookmarks are adorable.)

  2. Oh gosh– 3!? LOL;;

    I never did end up ordering the Xillia necklace; I figured I should stick to trying to obtain Luke’s first and foremost! 8|d …I just really hate the hassle of bidding on auctions unfortunately. ; ^ ; Someday, I guess~~

    Your dedication to collecting is amazing, though! ¦D

    • One of mine will be up for sale, eventually. XD It’s hard to do much with it stuck back in America… But if you’re interested, I’ll probably sell it lottery-style on my dA page, when I can. :3

  3. I should say your Tales of the Abyss Collection is one of the most beautiful and awesome collections I’ve ever seen ♥

    My ToW3’s film strip totally sucks XDDD is one of those sucky strips, it only has the Kanonno’s clothes 3 times T___T

    • Thank you! ❤ Someday I'll complete it… someday! Unless new Abyss merchandise keeps coming out, which I definitely won't complain about. XD

      Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. I actually saw one of Van up for auction, but it was just his lower body/tunic. Is there any film strip you're after? :3

  4. Hello, I discovered your site by chance by searching this strap you certainly have : http://www.animesekai.com/products/tales-of-the-abyss/tales-of-the-abyss-cell-phone-strap-mieu-buusagi
    And thanks to you I discovered this marvelous Luke and Asch Necklace ! You said you would sell one of yours, have you done that already ? No need to say I would be very interested ^^. It seems impossible to find it on the net.

    By the way you have a so interesting and wonderful collection, this is amazing !

    • Hello! I ended up giving the necklace away in a contest on my tumblr page, sorry! You’re best bet is to wait around for it to show up again on Yahoo Japan Auctions (but you’d need a proxy service for this).

      Hope you can find it someday. And thank you!

      • Thank you, I didn’t have a lot of hope. Unfortunately I don’t speak japanese so it’s quite imposible for me to use Yahoo Japan Auctions. But just for info, why a proxy service is needed ? what is its role please ?

      • Most Yahoo Japan sellers don’t ship internationally, so you have to use a proxy service (a shopping service) to buy the item for you.

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