Tales of Collection – My New Setup

My apartment here in Japan is so small that it could fit in my kitchen/living room back home, so most of the Tales of items I’ve been collecting get immediately shipped home. However, with the new book case I purchased, I’ve made enough space to at least display some of my Tales of figures and a few other items!
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ToA, ToV, ToX2 – Chibi Kyun Chara Color Prototypes

The release date for the Tales of Series Chibi Kyun Character prizes isn’t until May 2013, but the color prototypes have already been revealed!

These are crane game prizes, but you can probably still find them in certain online stores that offer prize figures.

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Tales of Series Petit Chara Land – Colored Prototypes

We had no word on the production of the Tales of Series Petit Chara Land figures since Summer Wonder Festival 2012, and now all of a sudden we get the colored prototypes!

Item Name: Tales of Series Petit Chara Land ~Swordsmen Volume~
Types: 6 plus 1 secret
Price: 693 each or 6,930 for a full box (of 10)
Release Date: March 2013
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Where to Buy: Animate Order by December 2nd and get a special file folder!

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