Tales of Friends vol. 4 – Lineup Announced!

The next volume of Viva Tales of Magazine doesn’t hit shelves until tomorrow the 28th, but we get a sneak peak of the pages! (seriously, how do these shots always get uploaded before a magazine’s release!?).

ToE – Keele
ToD2 – Kyle
ToR – Veigue
ToI – Ruca
ToI – Spada
ToV – Schwann
ToG – Asbel Best Parkanist (swimsuit ver.)
ToG – Pascal
ToX – Elise
ToX – Rowen

Kotobukiya Box Exclusive: ToD2 – Barbatos

It’s nice that Kotobukiya is being fair to most of the Tales of Series, but I’d be lying if I weren’t a little disappointed at the lack of Ion, Anise, and Natalia. Would’ve been awesome to have the entire Abyss crew! We haven’t seen Tales of Hearts or Tempest yet either.

Also, I can totally understand the extra Asbel. Yuri and Luke already got two versions, so they didn’t want to leave him out (but of all his costumes, the swimsuit? Really?)

Finally, this is the cover of the magazine. Some fans were disappointed that ToV was on the cover again. Not cause they dislike Yuri and Flynn, but because many other Tales of Series have never been on the cover (like Graces), and this is possibly the last magazine issue. Also, since Tales of the Heroes just released, many were hoping to see lots of Heroes together. They’ve mixed Tales of Series in the past, and it would’ve been nice to see it again~

The important thing here is that this issue comes with a poster! It’s the one pictured above with ToV, ToX, and ToS. :3 The magazine doesn’t usually have extras, but it’s a present for the 1 year anniversary.

Here’s hoping the magazine continues! I have almost every issue myself. ;D


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