Tales of Loot: Special Edition Xillia PS3!

I couldn’t help myself… When I realized Tales of Graces F was coming out so soon and I wouldn’t be able to play it, I decided it was time to buy a PS3 of my own rather than bumming off my brother’s (hard to do while I’m in Japan).

And then I remembered that this beautiful console existed and came with a copy of Tales of Xillia. SO THIS HAPPENED. 8D

…A-Apparently the packing material is more interesting to my cat, Mugi.

NOW it’s interesting!

Here’s the whole package. :3
This box was sent from Tokyo at 5:30 pm yesterday and arrived this morning at 8. Dang! Talk about service!

I bought it from a store in Tokyo that carries “new/used” systems. This means that someone purchased the system and returned it without opening it. The year warranty was already in affect, so the price was cheaper. I only paid 26,000 yen versus the 30,000 + it costs new. And true to the description, none of the parts had been opened or touched, including the ToX game.

Inside the game cover, Namco put a timeline of all its mothership Tales of titles. I thought this was a nice touch for a 15th anniversary title~

Here’s a closeup of Jude and Milla on the PS3 console. It’s really lovely, and I’m sure even non-Tales of fans could appreciate this. :heart:

On a slightly unrelated note, I made a PSN account for Japan and America, and the first thing I did was buy the Asch, Luke, and Tear costumes for for whenever I pick up ToV for the PS3~


2 thoughts on “Tales of Loot: Special Edition Xillia PS3!

  1. Good decision there. You definitely picked the right time to by the PS3. Though i’m a bit disappointed on how the ps3 looks like because it looks like a normal ps3 with some design printed on it. It could have been better like changing the colour or something and giving a way a limited edition controller design. Controller still looks the same as well.

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