Tales of Colorful Collection Vol. 2 Set a+b

So, these kind of came out of nowhere and are already up for pre-order!

However, in keeping up with the recent trend, these new sets only feature Tales of characters from the PS3 games.

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New Sailor Moon Anime in the Works!

I wanted to take a rare break from the usual Tales of Series news to make this special announcement!

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Sailor Moon series, a new anime is being planned and will release sometime around summer 2013!

This isn’t a re-mastering of the original series, but a whole new anime. It’d be wonderful if it followed the manga more closely, but I have a feeling the target audience will be about the same or younger than the original anime. At any rate, I’m looking forward to hearing the new info as it becomes available~

Also, the opening theme will be sung by the idol group, Momoiro Clover Z.

Sailor Moon was the first anime series I ever watched and it’s still special to me, so I had to share the good news with fellow fans out there!

Hello world!

This is LadyUsada, and I’ll be moving all of my old deviantArt posts and creating new ones here. The posts will still continue on dA, however, I wanted a more convenient way to report on figure and anime related news.

Hopefully, this will be convenient for any of you who want to read up on old Tales of news as well. ^^

I will be posting about Tales of, collections, new figures and merchandise, anime, and about living in Japan.

Hope you’ll like what you see!