ToA, ToV, ToX2 – Chibi Kyun Chara Color Prototypes

The release date for the Tales of Series Chibi Kyun Character prizes isn’t until May 2013, but the color prototypes have already been revealed!

These are crane game prizes, but you can probably still find them in certain online stores that offer prize figures.

Maybe it’s just the lighting, but the shadows on Luke’s face looks a little funny… Ah well, I still think he’s cute and I’m glad we got him in some form. ❤ Especially since it's the short-haired version (only) for once!

But did we need a second Yuri Chibi Kyun Chara? Ha ha. It's really not that different from the Ichiban Kuji one, and it would've been nice to see a completely different Tales of Series pop up (I'd personally love a Colette!). Or, if it had to be Yuri, it would've been great if they had given him a different costume.


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