Tales of Ichiban Kuji – Official Images Up!

I’ve been enjoying Tales of Xillia 2 a little too much this past week. I feel like I’ve barely been online at all.

But I had to take a break to post this!

Prize A
Large Pillow

Prize B
Milla Maxwell Figure

Prize C
Yuri Lowell Figure

Prize D
Curry Plate

Prize E
Muffler Towels

Prize F
Kyun Chara Straps

Prize G
Clear File and Sticker Sets

Prize H
Chibi Kyun Characters

Last One Prize
Milla Maxwell Kyun Character (smile ver.)

Item Name: Ichiban Kuji Tales of Series
Kuji Price: 500 yen per try
Number of Prizes: 8 prizes, 20 variations
Release Date: Late December 2012
Manufacturer: Bandai
Official Website: http://1kuji.bpnavi.jp/item/489/

I will be selling the prizes I get on deviantArt in late December or early January, so I hope you look forward to it!

I haven’t decided whether to do this lottery style or first-come-first-serve, but since there’s so much demand for certain prizes, I might have to make select ones lottery sales. However, unlike the Mieu lottery, it will only last a day or two!


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