Tales Collection Update – 25cm Namja Town Badges

With Tales of Xillia 2 in Namja Town already started, it’s now been over a year since I began hunting for this Tales of the Abyss item. I can’t believe I finally have it!

Now tell me that’s not the coolest Asch and Luke item ev-…. Well, I guess it doesn’t have much competition in that category, but the point is, it’s amazing!

The lighting in my room is really bad, so I took another photo holding it so I could tilt it just right.

Did I mention it was HUGE? :’D This was taken as a size comparison.

(The Abyss badge is in two plastic wrappers, so the colors don’t look as vibrant here.)

Here are most of the others I collected beforehand. The Jade and Zelos one was already shipped home last month.

Another size comparison with Mieu!

Product Info

What is it?: It’s made with the typical tin badge materials, but the back has a photo frame stand to display on a desk/shelf and a hole to hang it on the wall. It’s a decoration item, and can’t actually be used as a pin badge.

Title: Tales of Xillia in Namja Town Lottery: Gold Special Gumi Prize
Size: 25 cm in diameter (9.75 inches)
Price: None, prize item
Date Available: 2011/08/26
Where to Buy: Your only chance is auctions (Yahoo or Mbok)


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