Yuri, Leon, and Asbel Bears! “Tales of” Kuma-Mates!

Ever wanted to dress up a bear like a Tales of Series character? …Oh, you never even thought about it? …W-Well, now you can!

Exclusive to Animate is a special line of dress-able bears called “Kuma-Mates” (bear-mates).

These little guys come in several different colors and have a wide variety of original and anime or game themed clothing!

Set Includes: vest, pants, and inner shirt

Set Includes: coat, pants, and inner shirt

Set Includes: coat, pants, and cape

Title: Kuma-Mate Miniature Costume (Tales of Series A, B, and C)
Price: 945 yen
Release Date: December 2012  
Manufacturer: Animate
Where to Buy: Yuri
Where to Buy: Leon
Where to Buy: Asbel

Bears are NOT included!

Mascot Bears: Kuma-Mate Official Page
Price: 735 each
Types: white, black, mocha, and peach

Recommended Shopping Service: Celga
These are exclusive to Animate, so you will need to use a shopping service to buy them.

Looks like Animate specifically selected the top three characters from the popularity poll. It’s too bad they didn’t go to 5th place, as that would’ve included Luke and Alvin as well. But hey! If these sell well, I bet they’d make more.


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