Tales of the Abyss Cushion Covers – All Characters!

Back at Tokyo Game Show 2012, Namco Bandai released two Tales of the Abyss cushion covers, one of long haired Luke and the other Mieu. Well this time they’re back with the entire main cast, plus more!

For the time being, these will only be offered on their official website, and the order period is limited, so get them while you can!

Price: 2,625 (with tax)
Release Date: December 2012
Order Period: from now until November 6th
Manufacturer: Namco Bandai
Where to buy: Lalabit Market

Proxy Service to buy: Celga
(Lalabit Market does not offer overseas shipping)

Game quote used: “I don’t know what that is yet, but I’m serious. I want to change.”

Pillow: “I don’t know what that is yet, but I’m serious. I want (you) to sit.”

(Even though Luke’s quote originally used “I want to”, the subject is ambiguous and could be, “I want you to sit.”)

Game quote used: “Stop making fun of me! I’m the ambassador, dammit.”

Pillow: “Stop making fun of me and sitting on me! I’m the ambassador, dammit!”

Game quote used: “Right now, this is our battlefield. There’s no good or evil here. Just life or death.”

Pillow: “There is no good or evil in a cushion. You either sit or you don’t. That’s all.

Game quote used: “Don’t worry. We won’t kill them. Assuming they don’t resist.”
(I’m not sure if I found the correct game quote for this one because I couldn’t find a script of the game in Japanese to try and match it up. This line was the closest I could find to the original meaning. Sorry!)

Pillow: “…We won’t kill them. Assuming they sit like good boys and girls.”

Game quote used: “Ohh…You better watch your back.”

Pillow: “Ohh~ y-you sat on me~! ……You better watch your back. :heart:”

Game quote used: “Of course I’m scared. That’s why I fight. Because I don’t want to die. I still have things to do.”

Pillow line: “Of course I’m scared. That’s why I (we/you) sit. I (We/You) still have things to do.”

Like Luke’s quote, the subject in this line is ambiguous and can be taken several ways despite the original line. Since we’re the ones sitting, it makes more sense for Guy’s quote to be referring to us than himself.

Quote used: (unknown, not found in English game text)

Pillow: “It’s sit or be sat on…… This pillow is the true battlefield.”

(I think) I know where this line comes from, but I couldn’t find it in any English script that’s available online. It should be where Guy, Anise, and Natalia are heading to Chesedonia to stop the war. Sometime during this event, Natalia fails to kill someone and is saved by Guy. The line is said after Guy tells her, “It can’t be helped. We don’t kill because we want to.” (translation from Japanese) Also, I changed the translation around a bit to sound more natural in English.

If someone knows where I can find this quote in English, please tell me~

Game quote used: “…I didn’t say that because you were a princess. Your birth doesn’t matter. Just do what you can.”

Pillow: “Your birth doesn’t matter. Just sit (on me) as you like.”

Game quote used: “I’ll do my best to be useful, Master!”

Pillow: “I’ll do my best to be a good cushion for you, Master!”

Also, I think my only disappointment here is that there’s no Ion as he’s a popular NPC and has skit faces like all the other main characters.
Other than that though, I’m pleased with most of the skit faces they chose~


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