Luke Kyun Chara and Tales Ichiban Kuji Colored Prototypes

As you may know, Banpresto is releasing a Tales of Ichiban Kuji (or Number One Lottery) in December, but the items only feature characters from Playstation 3 games.

Well, Banpresto did something amazing just for us Tales of the Abyss fans.

These Chibi Kyun Character figures (Yuri, short-haired Luke, and Elle) will be released as prize game figures in arcades in Japan! (No release info yet.)

I’m a little confused at the second Yuri figure since Ludger or Lloyd would be the obvious next choice, but ah well. No complaining here! Thank you Banpresto. ❤

For those unfamiliar with this line, Chibi Kyun Characters are nearly the same size as Nendoroid Petits.

And next, we get some colored prototypes from the Ichiban Kuji Tales set!

Milla with light brown hair! The quality isn’t as good as the Alter Milla Maxwell, but I’m just happy to see her hair more accurate to the game animation and character model.

Colored prototypes of the Chibi Kyun Characters!
The light here is a little bright, but I’m sure the final product will look great. I love the Kyun Chara’s I own.

There will be 4 different straps in the set, all Tales of Xillia 2 characters.

These folders will each come with stickers.

And finally, the finished curry plate. Any curry fans out there?

I’m happy to announce that I will be offering a wrapping service to Ichiban Kuji purchases!

For any Ichiban Kuji item you purchase from me that must be shipped in a box, I will wrap the items with Tales of themed wrapping paper!


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