Tales of Series Collection Update – August 2012

I’m back with more Tales of the Abyss goodies for my collection!
And some other Tales of Series games and goods on top of that. Clearly, I have a problem… But it’s not my fault the Tales of Series is so awesome~

Many of these items are not for normal sale. They were pre-order bonuses from Animate or other websites.

First up are some Animate exclusives!

1. 3 promotional postcards from Animate
2. Pre-order bonus mousepad
3. Postcard binder – can only be received if you buy ALL of the TotA DVDs from Animate
4. TotA Anime Bookmarks A (I already own B)
5. Signboard with Kousuke Fujishima’s autograph (print) Special item with the TotA Fandisc
6. Tales of Series 10th Anniversary CD

1. Brilliant World CD
2. Super Nova (Anime Ending CD) (underneath pencil board)
3. Tales of Countdown CD
4. Bump of Chicken – Karma CD
5. Mieu mini notebook
6. Tales of VS Luke and Anise PSP cover (Animate pre-order bonus)
7. Tales of VS cell phone cleaners
8. TotA Drama CD mousepad

1. PS2 pre-order bonus folder (back side)
2. Tales of Series Premium DVD
3. Tales of VS mousepad
4. Pre-order bonus pencil board (front)

1. Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut
2. Tales of Destiny PS2 version
3. Tales of the Heroes
4. Tales of Hearts
5. Tales of Xillia
6. Tales of Vesperia (PS3)
7. Tales of Graces F (English)

Who could that be, sharing a case with Luke?

It’s Rita Mordio!
I got her on auction for a fairly cheap price so I couldn’t resist. <D

The items behind are are huge badge plates from Namja Town 2011

Another shot of Rita with my Tales of the Heroes bag.

And Luke next to the Tales of Graces F badge! Those badges are so big! They’re at least a few centimeters taller than the Alter figures. XD

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed~


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