New “Tales of” Shop in Fukuoka!

Today marked the grand opening of a Kotobukiya Store in Fukuoka, Japan. And along with that came a new Tales of Shop, of course!

The Tales of Shops are satellite stores located inside Kotokubiya. With this new one, there are now three. One on the second floor of the Akihabara (Tokyo) store, one on the first floor of the Nipponbashi (Osaka) store, and the newest and biggest one now in Fukuoka (on the southern island of Kyushu).

Here’s a sneak peek of the inside!

Those teases! These Mieu plushes still don’t have a release date, but that doesn’t mean Bandai Namco can’t tease us with the prototypes.

Here’s a map of the floor! The Tales of Shop is the yellow highlighted section on the left. This one floor is apparently bigger than ALL the floors of the Akihbara Kotobukiya store!

And here’s a detailed look at the layout. You can see that the Tales of section is kind of separated from the rest of the shop, with different flooring, walls, and decorations, making it look like its own store. It’s the only one of the Tales of Shops to have its own “Tales of” atmosphere. Very cool indeed.

Edit: More photos below!

You can see the Tales of Shop waaaaay in the back.

All of these Tipos were originally released at Tales of Festival 2012

Tales of Xillia Ramune.

Wow, so many Tales of Friends vol. 4!


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