Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji Prizes Revealed!

Today at Chara Hobby 2012, some of the prototypes for the upcoming Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji set by Banpresto were on display!

Here’s what we know so far:

Price Per Pull: 500 yen
Release Date: Unknown
Manufacturer: Banpresto

Prize A: Tales of Xillia 2 Pillow
Prize C: Yuri Lowell figure
Prize E: Muffler Towels (4 variations)
Prize H: Chibi Kyun Character Asbel, Richard, Yuri, Flynn
Note: These are chibi kyun characters, not full size ones. They are about the same size as Nendoroid Petits

I’m surprised they’re focusing on Xillia 2 more than Xillia since they don’t even know if 2 is popular yet. XD But I MUST have that Lulu towel! ❤

For those who are curious, this is a typical Ichiban Kuji lineup! Prize A and B (sometimes C) are usually the biggest prizes, while the rest are little things like straps, KyunCharacters, stationary items, towels, cups, etc.

If this set were Ichiban Kuji Premium instead, we would likely see more scale figures, but a higher price tag of 800 yen per draw.


4 thoughts on “Tales of Series Ichiban Kuji Prizes Revealed!

  1. Oooh, thanks for posting. : ) Hmm, I was hoping *not* to want any of these, but… XD Still, with the Nendo Petit Asbel and Yuri coming out, it’s maybe a bit too similar, and there’s already Alter’s scaled Yuri. Like the big pillow, and the Lulu towel, too.

    • I think “expensive” is the better word in this situation. XD If I sell any, it will only be one or two, so if you can’t get him from me or anyone else directly, your best bet is Y!Japan Auctions.

      • Do you sell things on your site or straight through your DA? How much do you think he would go for? Thanks for the info, I have no idea how Ichiban Kuji prizes work in this situation.

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