Pre-Order – Jude Mathis by ALTAiR

It’s been a few weeks since Wonder Festival, and ALTAiR has finally posted previews of Jude on their blog.

And guess what?

HE’S NOT SHINY! (The prototype displayed at Wonder Festival had a glossy look to it)

I’m hoping Milla’s final product will have a matte finish as well. The change in her hair created quite the stir in both the Japanese and overseas communities, and I doubt Alter would ignore all those fans.

Character: Jude Mathis
Series: Tales of Xillia
Manufacturer: ALTAiR / Alter
Price: Unknown
Pre-Order: 8-22-2012 (Wednesday)
Release: Unknown

Optional Face

For more pictures, check ALTAiR’s blog.

Even though I pre-ordered Milla, I’m going to pass on Jude. He’s alright, but he’s definitely not my favorite Tales of hero out there. Jude’s character traits aside, I also find this figure’s pose to be kind of awkward. It looks like you could tip him over. Not exactly a strong pose for a fist-fighter.

I also have a problem with the optional face. It looks… sad. XD I think it’s supposed to be his serious expression, but I just don’t see that… His lips are slightly down-turned and his eyes look more expressive than angry or serious. …Which further reinforces my opinion that the pose looks awkward. But that’s just my opinion.

So, anyone out there getting Jude?


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