Wonder Festival 2012 Summer – Part 2

Part 1

Accel World 1/7 scale figure

Is it just me, or do you guys see a strange sort of shine on Milla’s hair that wasn’t there before?

Wonder Festival is over! But to check out anything I didn’t post, or to see further information on the figure prototypes we saw today, head over to myfigurecollection.net’s new figure section.


13 thoughts on “Wonder Festival 2012 Summer – Part 2

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  2. Oh wow, Raven! Wasn’t expecting that when I clicked the link from the first post. : ) The pose is different from I’d imagined, but looks good I think, it suits him, I like it a lot. Hmm, Jude painted, looks pretty much as I would have thought, not bad.
    Yeah, Milla does look different, I agree, that shine looks a bit odd, I wonder if it’s just due to weird lighting or they’ve changed it. Maybe it’s caused by the transparency showing on more of her hair higher up as well, not just at the ends, or something? Not sure.
    Oh, they’ve coloured the base too, I actually don’t really like it much at all. : / It doesn’t fit at all with the more elaborate bases the other Alter Tales figures have been getting, and it’s a bit, well, pink. Even though it still fits what has previously been used for Xillia, I’m currently not keen.

    Thanks for posting all the pics.! : )

    • Yeah, I think the relaxed pose suits Raven as well. :3

      And I agree, I’m not very fond of Milla’s base… All of Alter’s Tales of characters thus far have had a base that looks like it’s pulled from the Tales of world along with the character. So I was not expecting a pink circle with a simple symbol in the middle. I’m going to go ahead and guess that Jude’s will be blue to match. XD

      • I agree, I think that can be one of the nice things about figures that they’d previously pulled off really well with the line – that it looks like they’ve captured the character in their world at a specific moment in time. Milla on the other hand is now looking rather artificial, with the combination of the shade of pink and the hair, the transparency of each makes it stand out and kind of clash, contrasts a lot with how natural they’ve managed to make Raven look. Maybe I’ll get used to it, or hopefully like it better when there’s more pics. : /

        Oh, bet you’re right on Jude’s base. Though since his isn’t circular, they still couldn’t be made to match all that well.

  3. Raven! One of my favorite things about the Altair Tales line are the diorama bases. I’m really happy with the coloring for Jude so far, too. I hope Milla gets a better base than that, though… do you think it’s possible that they changed the material of her hair so that the entire piece has a transparency, not just the tips? That might explain the weird lighting effect…

    • Yeah, I love how the bases bring a piece of the “Tales of” environments with them! It also makes the figures look wonderful lined up next to one another, as if you’re looking at a scene rather than just a figure.

      Hmmm… At this point, I don’t think they’re going to make any changes to Milla’s base. Jude’s is still under production, but since Milla’s pre-orders are already out, we’re probably looking at what the actual base will look like now. The previous bases in the Tales of line were revealed early on (and Luke and Raven’s were from the get-go).

      It’s possible that they changed the material of the hair as you said, but I hope they didn’t… While hair transparency can add a new depth to some figures, I don’t think it’s necessary in Milla’s case, and this new shine that wasn’t apparent in her official photos makes the hair look a little fake. TT; I’m still bummed that Alter gave her the bright blonde hair from the concept art rather than the light brown hair of the game art, so to add a strange shine on top of that makes me almost regret my pre-order.

      Here’s hoping we see some improvement in the final product!

      • I actually don’t mind the coloring choice for Milla’s hair. I’ve never played the game so I’m not used to seeing her with the brown roots, and for me too many color gradients can be overwhelming and off-putting sometimes. Though I do think it’s odd that they decided to go with the concept art this time when they’ve been following the game designs all the way to this point.

        Ah, you’re right about Milla’s base; I hadn’t realized that she’s already being released soon! That’s a shame.. at least she’ll be matched with Jude so she won’t -horribly- out of place with the other figures. They’ll also likely match Estelle’s base with Rita and the next Abyss release with Luke, so hopefully they won’t carry this trend too far. Speaking of, I was pretty surprised that they revealed Raven since, as you said on dA, Altair’s got their hands full with Jude and Rita’s already been released. Maybe they’re trying to put out the last of Vesperia’s Altair candidates to move on to the other titles! *wishful thinking*

      • I’ve heard the same opinion from several people who are ordering Milla even though they haven’t played Xillia. But now that the game is coming to the West, I’m interested to see how everyone’s opinion of the figure will change come next year. Mind you, I’m still ordering it so I don’t find it terrible. But it doesn’t quite feel like Milla to me. Heck, I think the Nendoroid Petit feels more like Milla despite its SD size. Haha

        I think you’re absolutely right! Rita’s base looks like it has the potential to connect to another, and seeing as Rita and Estelle were the closest female characters in the game, it makes sense to put them together in the same way Yuri and Flynn can attach. And I was equally surprised that the reveal ended up being Raven. ALTAiR’s sure got their hands full this coming year… I doubt we’ll see any further Tales of announcements from the male line until Winter Wonder Festival 2013. As for Estelle… they’ll probably put her reveal at one of the smaller figure exhibitions between now and the end of the year. I believe that’s how Rita’s sculpt was first revealed as well (though I could be wrong on that). And while I doubt Alter will make Patty or Karol, I can see them doing Judith before they’re completely finished with Vesperia.

        Gosh, at this point I hope Abyss gets a second anything… I don’t even care who it is, I’ll take any Abyss character at this point as long as Alter/ALTAiR isn’t through with the series. :<

        I have a feeling the next male we'll see will be Alvin though… Ahhh, I can feel my Abyss dreams being crushed already.

      • I agree about Karol and Patty, though I think Judith and Duke are definite possibilities– I love Judith’s design and would order her in a heartbeat, and Duke has been getting some merch attention lately (the recent stationary sets had him included) so I wouldn’t be surprised. Though if this were the case, I think of it as being one last figure “wave” (one Altair and one Alter, or two Altairs– they register in my mind as being announced in pairs) before Vesperia is completely exhausted.

        Luke, as far as I can tell, sold very well so I don’t see why they wouldn’t continue going, especially with Koto’s Tales of Friends and GSC’s Nendos joining the fray. Though I’ve noticed Milla’s reception hasn’t been as good as Luke or Rita’s, who both sold out immediately online (Rita is freaking gorgeous, by the way. My favorite of them all so far– sorry Luke!), but it’s probably due to the hair and the fact that Xillia hasn’t been localized yet (while Abyss and Vesperia already have roots in the western fandom). I hope there aren’t too many of her left over when she’s released, for the sake of possible future releases…

        As much as I’m dying for Asch, I would be just as excited for Guy. Or Jade. The Abyss cast really doesn’t have anyone that I hate… unless for whatever reason they decided to sculpt Mohs. =A= Though if the next announcement is for Symphonia (Luke and Kratos would be a good pair) or Graces (Asbel!!!!) I’d take that as a sign that they intend to expand as well. Like you, I’d be happy with anything else!

      • Do you have any numbers to back those sales up? I don’t usually see Alter posting their figures anywhere, but I’m really curious to see them… However, if we’re just talking about sales from myfigurecollection.net members (mostly people from outside of Japan), Luke, Flynn, and Rita all did about the same and Milla has already sold twice as much as all of them even though her sale date is still a ways away. Just look at her pre-orders here: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/84814 and compare it to the “owned” section of the rest. TT; I’m guessing because Milla’s a female figure with a skimpy outfit, she’s automatically pulling in a lot of sales from male figure collectors regardless of whether the fans know her character or not.

        Anyhow, I’d be happy just knowing that Luke sold well. TTb

        I had way too much fun putting Mohs out of his misery in the game. :’D

    • No, those are just my observations from lurking HS, Ami, and HLJ on a near-daily basis (though more than daily in HS’s case). I noticed that close to release, at least on HS, Yuri, Flynn, Rita, and Luke all had their pre-orders max out, with Yuri and Flynn having stock left after release only to sell out a few weeks later. Luke and Rita sold out immediately after release. I stopped stalking Ami and HLJ after switching to HS because their points reap the most benefits for me, so their availabilities may have been greater, though they’ve all well sold out by now. Getting a hold of figures in Japan is infinitely easier since they don’t have to deal with pre-order wars and have stock in hobby stores all across the country (well, they were everywhere in Tokyo when I was living there, at least), so I generally go by how easily things are available for those of us on the outside. Lol sorry if it seemed like I was being official or something– I just meant by my own observations. (And to be honest, there are some people on MFC who click “owned” for pre-order items, so I take those numbers with a grain of sait ^^;)

      Anyway, I feel like Abyss or Symphonia would be the way to go if they were to continue, since they have very large casts of characters (and they’ve already been taking Vesperia to its limits). You’re probably right about Alvin, though… in which case Leia would be the coinciding Alter release? I can also see them putting in Rowen eventually (lol there aren’t many precedents for “old man” figures. <_<) and the only other Xillia character that I know about is Elise?

      With Abyss, as much as I like Tear, I feel like I'm seeing her kind of often lol (that random Milestone release much?). I'm not a huge fan of Natalia, but there are more options with her, in terms of a dynamic pose, than there are with Tear (I think the scaled Koto release for her was pretty good). And Anise, despite being the token child character, would be monstrous if they put in Tokunaga. *A* The God Generals are also available if pushed far enough, while Symphonia has Sylvarant, Tethe'Alla, and Cruxis-related characters to draw from.

      …though they could just go with Graces since it's also fairly recent.

      • Hee, somehow I think the last thing they’ll worry about is not having enough characters to use! : ) Even if there weren’t any new Tales of games coming out (I can see them wanting to make Ludger, if Xillia 2 is a success. There’s also a possibility they’d go with the Xillia 2 version of Alvin and maybe Leia, I guess), it’d still take a *long* time to even do all the most popular characters. Even just the top ten from this year’s popularity poll results* has Leon, Asbel, Alvin, Zelos, Lloyd, so straight out that’s five characters they haven’t made yet, which would take an awfully long time considering figure release schedules. They’re going to want to focus on what they think will sell best, which is why Vesperia received so much attention to begin with.

        This series has too many characters people would want figures of, hah. I really want them to go back to Abyss (Jade please please please), but I don’t know if they will. : ( They’re probably not approaching it from our ‘But Luke will look lonely!’ perspective. XD

        * About which I am still sulking.

      • But Luke WILL be lonely! *A*

        I don’t know, right now I’m kind of annoyed with how many people are complaining about Jude already. I feel like I’m the only one who seems to realize that what was shown at WonFes was a PROTOTYPE oAo. The FIRST colored prototype! There’s no way Jude is suddenly going to be made with glossy paint (it’s probably the lighting or a different paint used for having a colored prototype ready in time for display). I really like the quality of of the paint application and the crisp lines that are consistent with Alter, and I really like the option of having two solid facial expressions (again, I don’t have any idea of what kind of character Jude is in the game, this is strictly from an aesthetic point of view) so I’ll be getting him for sure. I think the sudden change to the transparent plastic for Milla’s hair might be making everyone super judgmental over something that is nowhere near being the finished product for Jude. D8

        And even if he IS shiny, so what? Kotobukiya’s figures all have a semi-gloss to them and I don’t mind it at all. If the paint application was terrible AND it was glossy then I’d be mad, but if you took out the weird lighting effect from Jude’s hair in the photos, I doubt this many people would be complaining. I think the sculpting of his clothes (all those subtle folds!) is really beautiful. ;A;

        Lol or it’s just me.

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