Pre-Order – “Tales of” Nendoroid Petits

Are your wallets ready?

Title: Nendoroid Petite “Tales of” Series
Price: 4,000 yen
Release date: Late December
Number of Petits: 8 in Box (6 types, 1 secret, 1 duplicate)
Sculptor: Matsuda Model

Pre-Orders at AmiAmi:
Price at AmiAmi: 3,210 yen

Important Note: Unless there’s a mix-up from GSC, you are guaranteed one of every character in a box plus one duplicate.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Order – “Tales of” Nendoroid Petits

  1. They are sooo cute. Please Good Smile… pleeeease give us a volume 2!! I’ll be a good girl and buy every amazing Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Graces product you make! *shot*

    I seriously can’t wait to have these little guys on my shelves~

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