Tales of Festival 2012 – Loot Post!

So after a couple weekends of laziness I finally took photos of all the goods I purchased at Tales of Festival. Enjoy!

1. Luke and Jade Ouen (cheer) Set
2. Luke and Guy Twin Brave Shirt
3. Luke Scrunchie and Cloth
4. Luke Strap by Cospa
5. Tales of Festival Makeup Pouch
6. Mascot Strap Set
7. Giant Mascot Bag

Close-up of the Scrunchie and Strap

1. Tales of the Abyss Manga Art Collection (6 small posters)
2. Tales of Friends Luke and Alvin Folder
3. Tales of Festival Mini Folder Set
4. Tales of Magazine Folder Set B and C (one with Luke and Yuri and the other with Guy and Jade)
5. Tales of Series Pin Badge Collection
6. Tales of Festival 2012 Pamphlet
7. Tales of the Abyss Illustrations (it took me WAY too long to get a hold of this)

These items aren’t from Tales of Festival, but came from my trip or are simply recent purchases.

1. Tales of the Abyss Waterproof Posters A and B
2. Tales of Festival 2011 Luke Strawberry Almond Tin
3. Buusagi / Rappig Pouch (anime item)
4. Tales of the Abyss Folder B (accidentally took a photo of this twice)
5. Luke and Asch Rulers
6. Luke and Asch Tin Pencil Cases
7. Jade and Zelos Large Tin Plate (from Namja Town 2011)

Here’s Tales of the Abyss Poster A up on my crappy wall! And the Festival Shirt hanging up beside it (to get out the wrinkles from packaging)

My apartment is very old, so I need these posters to cover up the 30 + years of people that have been abusing the place. >>’ Most of my loot will be shipped back to my home in America to join the rest of my Abyss collection.

1. Tales of the Abyss (game) Postcards 1-7 (complete)
With these postcards, my Abyss collection of PS2 game goods is now complete! I’m still hunting for some anime and event items though.

2. Tales of Festival 2010 Dress Sticker

1. Tales of Festival Poster B (not real signatures, just printed)
2. Poster A (not pictured, but here!)

Tales of Xillia LaLaBit Market Exclusive Kyun-Character Pack (Milla and Jude)

For those of you wondering about the difference between Kyun-Characters and Nendoroids

On the left is “Working!!” Nendoroid Inami Mahiru, and on the right is Kyun-Character Milla Maxwell.

Nendoroids are a product of Good Smile Company and Kyun-Characters are made by Banpresto. The latter is usually a “prize” item, which means they’re won in crane games or through “Ichiban Kuji” (No. 1 Lottery).

It was recently revealed at Tales of Festival that the Tales of Series would be getting an Ichiban Kuji as well! If you’re curious as to what kind of items are in a normal Ichiban Kuji, check out this Ao no Exorcist one. (scroll down)


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