Pre-Order – “Tales of” Scrunchies and Wall Scrolls

Enterbrain’s Tales of Series scrunchie and cloth sets and their Tales of Xillia wall scrolls are now available on their site for pre-order!

— These were originally sold at Tales of Festival 2012

— They will be EXCLUSIVE to Ebten, Enterbrain’s official webshop

— There is a limited quantity available.

— Pre-orders start now and release June 30, 2012

— Ebten does not ship internationally. Please use a shopping service like Celga:

Scrunchie and Cloth Set 1,000 yen each
Luke fon Fabre
Milla Maxwell
Jude Mathis
Elise Rutas and Tipo
Yuri Lowell
Asbel Lhant
Leon Magnus

Wall Scrolls 3,000 yen each
Jude, Milla, Elise, and Tipo
School Uniforms (boys)
School Uniforms (girls)


One thought on “Pre-Order – “Tales of” Scrunchies and Wall Scrolls

  1. I’m still sooo torn! The scrunchies are adorable!! I love Luke’s the colours are just so pretty~ *continues to debate whether or not she will break down and get them*

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