Tales of Festival Report 1 – Goods and Figures!

Just got back from Tokyo today and man am I exhausted, but it was amazing!

If you were following my Twitter page, you probably saw most of these photos already, but I didn’t have time (or space) to talk much about it.

This is Report 1! Focusing on the dealer’s room and exhibition room!
Report 2 will contain a summary of the action inside the stadium, but since photography wasn’t allowed at any time during the performance, I wanted to separate these two reports. And besides, I’m sure all of you know about Xillia 2 by this point anyways. XD;

Here’s Yokohama Arena! The stadium inside is huge, but the only other space are the halls circling around the center, so there wasn’t a lot of room for the thousands of fans attending the dealer’s room. :< There isn't much Tales of Festival can do about this, but it's a shame because many people weren't able to go into the dealer's room before it closed. It was only open for 3 hours to the general public!

The dealer's room opens at 10 a.m., but my friends and I got there sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 and it was already crowded.

30-40 minutes after the dealer’s room opened, we FINALLY set foot inside the building (I can’t believe it took that long despite how early we came). They really need more space to take in all the fans. XD

Riiiight before they let you loose in the dealer’s room, they set out a display of the merchandise and upcoming items. :3 Unfortunately, no one thought this through and put the glass cases too close to the line so no one could see unless they were hugging the glass.

Here’s what the dealer’s room looked like (courtesy of LalaBit). You can’t touch the items, you have to line up at the counter, give your order to the staff and they fetch the items for you. I suppose this keeps things orderly and organized, but I’m sure it’s exhausting for the workers. XD

After the dealer’s room is the exhibition hall. This year, photography was allowed so everyone lined up to take photos of each display case.

Here’s Good Smile Company’s Tales of Nendoroid Petits.
I’m not going to hide my disappointment here. |D I really think they should’ve given Symphonia and Abyss Nendos too. Especially considering how popular both series still are despite their age. Here’s hoping for a volume 2 of Nendo Petits!

With Milla’s pre-orders going strong, it was pretty obvious they were going to add Jude to the lineup. After all, this is the first Tales of game with two lead heroes, so it would feel strange to leave one hanging.

THIS, however, was surprising. Really Alter? REALLY? D: I was hoping for more variety with you guys, but instead we’re practically getting the entire Vesperia cast. I was sure we’d see Asbel or Lloyd, if not Guy for Abyss’ second (assuming they ever get one).

Well, here’s hoping (again) that we see some more announcements at Summer Wonder Festival. Guy was pretty strong on the popularity ranking again, so it could happen!

…And once again, a major focus on the three newest console titles. Did everyone forget the Symphonia OVA and Abyss 3DS re-release? I think it’s pretty obvious that the biggest prizes are going to be Xillia, Vesperia, and Graces, but all I ask for is a Luke Kyun-Character! Please! TT Milla and Jude already have Kyun-Characters anyhow.

For some reason, many people are assuming that the characters pictured are getting figures. This isn’t necessarily the case. Typically, Ichiban Kuji Premium is the only Ichiban Kuji type with scale figures, and it hasn’t been confirmed whether this is even a Premium or not yet. Also, even if it is, some of these characters might only appear on smaller items (towels, glasses, etc). They are not necessarily figures.

I don’t mean to sound cynical though. I AM excited to hear more about this. – -b

Now for the Cheagle army!
No, seriously, there’s SO many! XD I can’t believe they made this many versions of the Cheagles and so many different Mieu items! It’d be pretty epic if you bought 1 Cheagle Elder, and tons of the blue, pink, and yellow ones.

Mieu and the Cheagle Elder. They’re squished against the glass so their faces look a little funny. XD

Star and random pink Cheagle.

Mieu towel holder

Mieu cushion and zipper pouch.
Annnd there’s a phone strap as well, but I lost the photo for it. XD You can see it in the top picture.

Outside the event hall were cardboard cutouts of all the attending voice actors.

There were also huge gifts like this to the voice actors! I thought it was awesome that this one recognized both of Suzuki Chihiro’s roles. XD Asch is often forgotten during the event, which is surprising since his voice actor IS there.

Inside the stadium! Photography isn’t allowed in here, oops! There was a fog machine constantly running so all my photos came out blurry like this.

My seat was in the center, 20th from the front. It was amazing to sit so close! I only wish I could’ve been closer to the middle of the section (by the walkway) to be next to the voice actors as they walked towards the stage. But maybe next year~

That’s all for now! I’ll give a second report on the actual stadium event and my loot later.


2 thoughts on “Tales of Festival Report 1 – Goods and Figures!

  1. the cheagles looks so cute! and the Sophie Tales of Nendoroid Petit figure looks so good even in its unfinished form (^v^) can’t wait until it becomes available! thanks for the update, can’t wait to read more about it ❤

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