“Tales of” Alarm Clocks! (voice translations included)

LaLaBit Market is now taking orders for these exclusive Tales of Series alarm clocks!
With these special clocks, you can wake up to the sound of your favorite character’s voice every morning!

Like most of the exclusive “Tales of” merchandise this past year, these were made based off last year’s character popularity polls. Milla and Jude were thrown in since ToX was new and wasn’t in the polls yet.

Characters: Yuri Lowell, Leon Magnus, Asbel Lhant, Milla Maxwell, Jude Mathis
Price: 5,250 yen each
Release Date: late July
Maker: Bandai Namco LaLaBit
Info: Each clock has three different voice options to choose from. It also comes with a light and snooze button.
Character Voices: Look below to see the special dialogue from each character!
Note: These are very rough translations without much editing to make them sound in-character.

Yuri Lowell

Voice 1:“起きろよ。今日も“凛々の明星(ブレイブヴェスペリア)”の仕事は山積みなんだ。ぼやぼやしてっと置いてくからな。”
“Wake up. We have a lot of work to do for Brave Vesperia today. If you keep slacking off you’ll get left behind.”

Voice 2: “いつまで寝てんだ。おまえのぶんのメシ、ラピードが食っちまうぞ? ほら、とっとと起きろよ。”
“How long do you plan on sleeping? Maybe I should just have Repede eat your share of breakfast? Come on, get up.”

Voice 3:“朝だぞ。ほら、起きろ。はい、おはようさん。……んじゃ、今日もいっちょ、がんばりますか!”
“The sun’s up. Come on, get outta bed. Mornin’ …Alright, let’s get to it!”

Leon Magnus

Voice 1:“僕は図々しく、かつ能天気に寝ているような……要するに寝坊する奴が大嫌いだ! 起きろ!”
“I can’t stand impudent, thoughtless… In short, I hate anyone who sleeps in late! Get up!”

Voice 2: “起きろ。起きろと言っている。……いい度胸だ。ティアラの電撃をお見舞いしてやる。……最大出力でな。”
“Get up. I said get up! …You’ve got a lot of nerve. How about I wake you up with an electric shock from the tiara instead. …At full power.”

Voice 3: “起きろ。勘違いするなよ。僕は任務を遂行しているだけだ。不履行となるのはごめんだからな。今すぐ起きろ。”
“Wake up. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m only doing this to accomplish my mission. I can’t stand slackers, so get up now.”

Asbel Lhant

Voice 1: “まだ起きないのか? 今日も予定があるんだろう? みんな待ってるぞ。ほら、起きてくれ。”
“You still won’t get up? Don’t you have plans today? Everyone’s waiting, come on!”

Voice 2: “起きてくれ! 起きてくれって。おーい……こんなに呼びかけてるのに……起きてくれなくても、泣かないし。”
“Come on! Please get up. Oooiii… And I tried so hard… Well, even if you won’t get up for me, I won’t cry.”

Voice 3: “朝だぞ! え、まだ眠い? よし! 俺がおまえの睡眠を守るっ! あ、起こさなきゃダメなんだよな。”
“It’s morning! Huh, you’re still sleepy? Okay! I’ll protect you while you sleep! Oh wait, but I have to wake you up.”

Milla Maxwell

Voice 1: “起きろ。……ふむ、起きぬか。ならば四大(しだい)に起こさせよう。人間は痛覚に敏感だからな。……イフリート!”
“Wake up. …Hmph, so you won’t get up? Then I’ll just have to wake you with the Four Great Spirits. Humans /are/ very sensitive to pain. ….Efreet!”

Voice 2: “朝だぞ。早く起きないか。私はとうに自分の腹の音で目が覚めたぞ。ふふ、人間の生活は面白いな。”
“It’s morning. You’re not getting up yet? I woke long ago by the sound of my own stomach growling. Haha, the lifestyle of humans is really interesting.”

Voice 3: “起きろ。私は行くぞ。……私には成し遂げなければならない使命がある。たとえお前を捨て置いても、だ。”
“Get up, I’m heading out. …There’s a mission I have to complete, even if it means leaving you behind.”

Jude Mathis

Voice 1: “朝だよ。たくさん眠ることはいいことだけど、眠りすぎは体のリズムを崩すこともあるんだよ。起きて。”
“Hey, it’s morning. Getting a lot of sleep is healthy and all, but sleeping too much will mess up your everyday rhythm. So get up!”

Voice 2: “わっ、朝だ! え、僕? ずっと本を読んでいたみたい。でも、君を起こせて良かったよ。おはよう。”
“Oh no, it’s morning! Huh, me? I’ve been reading a book this whole time. But I’m glad I could wake you up. Good morning!”

Voice 3: “ほら、そろそろ起きて! 支度しないと遅れちゃうよ? じゃあ朝ごはん作るから、しっかり食べてがんばろう!”
“Come on, it’s time to get up already! If you don’t start getting ready now, you’ll be late! I’ll make breakfast, so make sure you start of with a proper meal and do your best!”

Once again, these translations are very rough. Especially Leon’s cause I’m not familiar with his character as much. XD
To order them, you’ll need a shopping service because LaLaBit does NOT ship overseas. I recommend Celga.


2 thoughts on ““Tales of” Alarm Clocks! (voice translations included)

  1. Asbel’s 起きてくれなくても、泣かないし is actually a sort of pun on the victory quote where he goes 揃わなくても 泣かないし, so probably something like “Even if you won’t wake up (for me), I won’t cry.”

    Before the quotes were released, I thought they were going to use old recordings, so I was telling a friend that I wanted to be woken up by “俺は悪くねえええええ!!” or “くずレプリカ!!” 8D

    • Thank you! I’ll change that right away! XD I know some of these are puns on their in-game quotes, but I’m not familiar with the Japanese Graces or much of Destiny (I know Leon’s line starting with 僕は図々しく、かつ能天気に寝ているような is famous too, but I never played this game in English and only a fraction in Japanese so I don’t know how it was originally translated. I need to look this up when I have time!)

      Oh man, I would so want lines like that if they ever made a Luke/Asch clock. TTb I hope we see a continuation of this line! (maybe with Alvin as well, since he was in 5th place this year).

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