Tales of Festival – Fan’s Bible Preview

This book has everything you need to know about Tales of Festival and the highlights of the previous 4 events leading up to this year, the 5th anniversary!

Where to buy: You can purchase the book at Tales of Festival or at Amazon Japan!: Amazon Japan
Price: 2,625 yen
Release: June 8th, 2012

The pictures on the obi represent last year’s top 10 highest ranking characters in the popularity poll, with Milla Maxwell and Jude Mathis suspiciously added among the group.

Last year’s results
1st place: Yuri Lowell (biggest circle)
2nd place: Leon Magnus (2nd biggest)
3rd place: Asbel Lhant (next biggest)
4th place: Luke fon Fabre (a circle tied with Jude’s? hmmm?)

The Fan’s Bible comes with these Tales of Friends stickers! (Top 6 characters from last year’s popularity poll)

The book contains a history of the character popularity polls. I assume it will also have the mascot rankings, etc.

It also features some “chats” between Viva-kun (the Tales of mascot) and the voice actor of Zelos Wilder, Masaya Onosaka.

These two are often featured together in Tales of Magazine as well as on the stage at Tales of Festival. It looks like they’re talking about this year’s merchandise.

We also get character profile pages and lots more!


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