Tales of Festival 2012 – Merchandise List!

This is a complete list of the merchandise at Tales of Festival 2012. Not all of the images are available yet, but those that are have the link next to the entry.

Event Original Items

Tales of Festival 2012 Pamphlet
Tales of Festival Poster
Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave shirts
–Tales of Symphonia Link
–Tales of the Abyss Link
–Tales of Vesperia Link
–Tales of Graces Link
–Tales of Xillia Link
Tales of Festival T-Shirt Link
Tales of Destiny Necklace (Lion Magnus)
Tales of Xillia Necklace (Alvin)
Tales of Vesperia Bracelet (Yuri Lowell)
Tales of Symphonia 2 Cushion Cover (Emil / Ratatosk) http://tof.tales-ch.jp/pc/images/goods/original_09.jpg
Tales of Festival Leisure Bag (Mascots) Link
Tales of Festival 2012 Ouen Set (Let’s cheer set!)
–Tales of Symphonia Link
–Tales of the Abyss Link
–Tales of Vesperia Link
–Tales of Graces Link
–Tales of Xillia Link
Tales of Festival Wristband Link
Tales of Festival Strap Link
Memorial Portrait Set Link
RPG Mug Cup Link
Cell Phone Cleaner Set (Repede, Mieu, Tokunaga) Link
Cookies Link
Candie Set Link
Tin Badge Collection

Translation: “Let’s make a tasty cake!”

Translation: “Milla’s completely lost in the cake!”

Translation: “We wanted some cake, too…”

For Sale First at ToF!

Tales of Sports Towels
–Lion Magnus Link
–Yuri Lowell Link
–Asbel Lhant Link
Cushion Cover (Raven) Link
Cushion Cover (Tipo) Link
Tipo Key Chain Set Link
Tipo Handheld Game Pouch Link
Tipo Small Plush Container Link
Tipo Large Doll Link
Tales of Graces F Scenario Book Link
Tales of Xillia Wallscrolls
–Normal Clothes Link
–School Uniforms A Link
–School Uniforms B Link
–Swimsuits Link
Tales of Scrunchie and Cloth
–Milla Maxwell
–Jude Mathis
–Yuri Lowell
–Lion Magnus
–Luke fon Fabre
Tales of Festival -5th Anniversary- Fans Bible
Tales of Friends Clear File
–D (Jude and Yuri) Link
–E (Milla and Raven) Link
–F (Alvin and Luke) Link
Tales of Series Rubber Keyholders
–Jude Mathis
–Milla Maxwell
–Yuri Lowell
–Flynn Scifo
Tales of Series Cell Phone Pouch
Tales of Xillia Tumbler
Tales of Vesperia Tumbler
Tales of Xillia Mini Poster Set
Tales of Vesperia Mini Poster Set
Tales of Magazine Clear File Set

General Sales
Tales of Xillia DJ CD
Tales of Xillia Paper cut-outs
–Jude Link
–Milla Link
Tales of Series Straps by Cospa
–Cless Link
–Stahn Link
–Reid Link
–Kyle Link
–Lloyd Link
–Veigue Link
–Senel Link
–Luke Link
–Shing Link
–Luca Link

Can’t wait to go to Tales of Festival this year! It will be my first time.


13 thoughts on “Tales of Festival 2012 – Merchandise List!

  1. I’m so excited for you~ I didn’t realize it would be your first year attending! I’m so jealous! I’m torn in my desire to go visit Japan someday whether to go earlier in the year and try to catch the cherry blossoms, or to go so I can hit the Tales festival XD All this stuff looks so awesome! ❤

    Make sure to have a blast for all of us who live vicariously through you XD

    • Go for Tales of Festival! >D There are some places in America, like DC, where you can see cherry blossoms, but there’s nothing like this in the states! *brick’d*

      Though about cherry blossoms… If you do plan a trip around them, I wouldn’t advise going to Kyoto since it will be SO jam-packed you won’t be able to enjoy it as much. And the blossoms can bloom early or late depending on the temperature, so it’s a bit risky. xD

      • Yeah – we figured as much, but we’d like to at least try. But then again its probably a popular time to go so the cost may be higher for travelling – in the end who knows when we’ll go but one year I will definitely hit the Tales of Festival so help me Lorelei.

  2. Oh goodness, those Tipo plushes are adorable. I missed out on the Xillia DX pack so I still need my Tipo fix. Do you happen to know how one orders them after the festival? Which site, I mean?

    • Yeah, I missed out on the Xillia pre-order specials, so I’m still hunting down the Kyun-Characters. TT They’re so cute!

      Sure! You can get them at NBGI’s official store here: http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/ They don’t offer international shipping, so just make sure you have a shopping service ready! (many item pre-orders will sell out fast, and they’re only up for a month or so)

      • Funny you should mention the Kyun-characters. I actually have that version. My brother tried to order me the DX pack for the holidays but the seller sort of messed up the order and shipped the Kyun-Character version instead. So, long story short, I am still dying for a Tipo plush.

    • Yep! I plan to buy every piece of Abyss merchandise I can, and then whatever other Tales of stuff I want (if I have money leftover). XD

      I’m undecided whether I’ll do a pick-up service for the exclusive items or not, but I might just buy extras of a few things that many people seem to be after. If I don’t, the items will be available for a limited time here: http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/ But you need a shopping service to order them. I’ll make a post on it when they pop-up for pre-order. :3

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