Release – Alter’s Luke fon Fabre Figure

I received my Luke just a couple days ago, and have been admiring him every since. :3

My camera sucks at high quality photos, so I apologize in advance that the lighting and resolution aren’t very good, but here’s some quick shots!

Photo from Kotobukiya’s Twitter! (cause it’s way better than the one I took) But the rest are mine. xD;

Note: “Fone” is not a misspelling. That’s how Luke’s name is spelled in the Japanese version of the game.

My cat, Mugi, decided the box was more interesting than Luke… I can’t blame her, cause his box art is lovely! I especially love his background. :3 It looks like it can be removed from the box if you’d like to display it that way.

The head, arm, and sword are very easy to attach and remove, but are also very secure. ^^b You guys should have no trouble changing them out.

Look at that quality control! The paint job is so neat and clean!

Here’s short haired Luke with his Movic counterpart. ❤

Kotobukiya’s One Coin set had impressive quality for the small size of the figures, but nothing can beat Alter! It’s amazing finally seeing Luke so big. Too bad he’s a scale too small to stand next to Milestone Tear. She’s a whole head taller than him. xD

That’s all for now! Thanks for looking, and I hope you guys love your Luke figure as much as I am! :heart:


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