Tales of the Abyss: Mieu Plush Dolls are Coming!

An exciting Tweet was posted by LaLaBit Market today, revealing two upcoming products from Tales of the Abyss!
(These are early stage prototypes and teaser shots. Real products might be different from the photos)

First up is a Mieu plush doll!
This will be the first ever plush of our beloved Cheagle punching bag! Despite Mieu’s popularity as a mascot in the Tales of Series, only Tokunaga has had plushes made (in Japan and America, no less!)

Second is this huge bag clip!

Not only do we get a Mieu plush, we get an extra one to hang from our bags and show off wherever we go! If any of you wanted a good tool to show off your Tales of Series love to the world, this is definitely an eye-catching one!

Product Information
Release Date: Unknown, but it looks like we can expect it around summer at the earliest.
Price: Unknown
Where to buy: It is unknown at this time whether this will be a LaLaBit exclusive or available for overseas customers. However, in the event that its only available to Japanese residents, I will be doing a shopping service so you can all get him!

With the release of Alter’s Luke fon Fabre coming up and all the stationary items in June, this is clearly an amazing year to be an Abyss fan!

I’m really excited for Mieu. :3 How about you guys?


8 thoughts on “Tales of the Abyss: Mieu Plush Dolls are Coming!

  1. Yeay! :3 I’ve always wanted a plush Mieu!

    That first picture is so horrible yet hilarious at the same time… xD;;

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