Tales of the Abyss Stationary Items by Penguin Parade

Penguin Parade is going to release a line of stationary items and posters for Tales of the Abyss! Their Tales of Vesperia line is also up for order.

Release date: Early June 2012
Manufacturer: Penguin Parade
Where to Buy: Link

You can also click here to see the Tales of Vesperia items available!


3 thoughts on “Tales of the Abyss Stationary Items by Penguin Parade

  1. I saw these a couple days ago (or was it just yesterday?) and got so excited! I`m stoked not only to see that Abyss got some too, but that they included Asch too!! I`m especially excited for the pencil case cause I love his status screen art to pieces!!

    • Ah, I was out of town yesterday so I missed it. XD

      I found them by accident while checking Alter Luke’s release date for changes. I was completely taken by surprise when I saw it! I love the Asch items, too! But I was also happy to see an official big poster for Abyss. They should be about the same size as the promo posters I have, but now everyone can get a hold of them. :3

      • Those kinds of surprises are the absolute best! I love stumbling across something I didn’t even know existed!! Now I’m two fold excited for june. I really hope ALTAiR reveals a new Tales of- figure at the Tales festival!! ❤ *pleaseletitbeAschpleaseletitbeAschpleaseletitbeAsch*

        Although after playing Graces I wouldn't be upset with either Richard or Asbel either <3.

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