New Tales of Goods from LaLaBit Market! (Tales of the Heroes)

Tomorrow marks the release date for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave for the PSP. And coinciding with the release are a few new Tales of items we can look forward to!

No prices or release dates will be given until tomorrow, but photos of the items have been revealed on LaLaBit’s Twitter. :3

First up is a Tales of Gekijou towel with attached hood.
Tales of Gekijou (Theatre) is a special set of short animations made for Tales of the Heroes featuring the characters in SD (chibi) form.

Next is a Tales of Gekijiou reversible bag cover.
This is Not a bag, but a cover for certain size shoulder bags.

This is a second bag cover design based off the Tales of the Heroes cover art.
I’m a little peeved they skipped Guy and Luke though. = =;

In case you were wondering, here’s a picture of the PSP cover:

As the picture says, these are Key Animations and Staff Comments for Tales of Xillia.
This is the only item thus far with a confirmed price (3,500 yen).

Lastly, is this Tales of Vesperia Repede Luggage.
It’s a relatively small, hard case bag. This isn’t it’s first release, but it is the first time the bag has been for sale on LaLaBit Market’s webshop.


One thought on “New Tales of Goods from LaLaBit Market! (Tales of the Heroes)

  1. I love the PSP cover. You’ll have to let me know how text heavy the game is cause I’m semi tempted to import it if I think I can fumble through it and enjoy it without being able to understand a word of it XD. I love that second bag cover – I really hope there’s a Luke and Guy one that they’re keeping under wraps!

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