Wonder Festival 2012 Winter – Part 2

Continuation of WonFes coverage! Part 1 had mostly Good Smile Company, so now we’ll be looking at figures from other companies. I’m posting these as they become available, so I’m afraid I can’t be much more specific than that. Sorry!

Announcement for 1/7 scale Trigun figures (of the two in the pic). :3

A very cute garage kit!

This actually belongs on Part 1, but I wanted to post the update here so everyone could see the whole figure~ (I’m assuming no one is looking at page 1 anymore XD )

Another figure in Alter’s K-ON! lineup

Another GK set. I hope we see some scale figures from YuruYuri soon. :3 I know there’s a Nendoroid Akari on the way~

Spoke too soon! First YuruYuri figure spotted.

Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia

Racing Miku’s 2012 design

Tales of Friends vol. 4! No information on who is going to be in the lineup yet, but there has been ToF art for Elise (ToX) spotted.

Anyone else noticing the large number of photographs taken (including this one) with a “No photography” sign in the pic? XD Oops?

Upcoming prize figures!


2 thoughts on “Wonder Festival 2012 Winter – Part 2

  1. thanks for the okumura rin full body photo!! now I can see that kuro comes along with him ♥ and more details!! thaaanks :3 Oh and I didn’t see those slayers figures in others blogs, thanks again ♪

  2. oh and I just noticed, but there’s a sign behind kuro that’s says okumura yukio… I was wondering if it was a prank from megahouse or something xD

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