Pre-Order – Alter’s Rita Mordio and Yuri Lowell

Today, Alter finally unveiled their color prototype of Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia!
While we’ve already seen three Tales of boys from ALTAiR (Alter’s all-male figure line), Rita will be the first girl to make an appearance. (And she will soon be followed by Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia, though no prototype has been revealed at this time).

Pre-orders for Rita will begin on Wednesday, January 25. At that time, ALTAiR’s Yuri will also be going up for pre-order, making this his second re-release! No info has been given on whether Flynn will also be getting a re-release.

I’m not a Tales of Vesperia fan myself, but Rita is definitely tempting. Compared to ALTAiR’s Luke, none of the Vesperia characters have a very dynamic pose, but I like how Rita turned out. :3 The details on the outfit mixed with a great color scheme are very pleasing to look at. And the pose is rather cute, with her foot popped up and her scroll wrapped around behind her in a way that gives the figure a nice balance (and takes up space that would otherwise feel empty).

The only issue I have with her at this time is her face. She looks fine from a distance, but up-close the mouth looks a little funny. Companies often give Rita merchandise that cat-like mouth, and while it looks fine on SD style straps and plush dolls, it seems a tad out of place here. I’m hoping they’ll tone it down in the final product.

No price or release date has been revealed yet, but you can look forward to them from AmiAmi or your preferred online figure shop on the 25th!

Now I really can’t wait until Wonder Festival next month! I wonder which Tales of character will be revealed next~

You can view more official photos at Alter’s blog, here!


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