Asch is Here! Tales of Friends vol. 3!

While busying myself with an entry for the Tales of the Abyss 3DS countdown, I was interrupted by the mail man with a much anticipated package!

At last! It’s Asch!! 8D
Looking as grumpy and adorable as ever!

I just can’t get over how cute he is!

Asch can only be purchased in three ways. 1) Directly from the Kotobukiya shop in Tokyo or Osaka. 2) From Kotobukiya Direct’s online store. or 3) From Rakuten’s online shop. ( Info here) Unfortunately, the web shops require a shopping service for anyone outside Japan. TT And Koto Direct is already sold out.

And here they are, together at last! My three lovely redheads!
I really love short-haired Luke’s face. He looks sweet and a little mischievous (though not as much as his long-haired self XD )

Here’s the complete set of Volume 3. I intend to sell the ones I don’t want again since I have doubles, but I haven’t set anything up yet, so please don’t consider this a sales post!

And finally, here’s a little Kotobukiya catalogue that came with the purchase. I love this page with all 3 Tales of Friends volumes. <D



3 thoughts on “Asch is Here! Tales of Friends vol. 3!

  1. Asch is super adorable! >w< I hope I can own him one day… He was on ebay a while back, but going for way more than I could afford. @.@; You're lucky~
    Question: when you order a box, are you guaranteed to get one of every figure, and are there duplicates? (aka how many are in a box?)

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