Visiting the Tales of Shop in Osaka!

From November 1st, 2011, Kotobukiya opened up a special “Tales of Series” shop in their stores in Tokyo (Akihabara) and Osaka (Nipponbashi).

Store info at the bottom of this post~

Since Osaka isn’t terribly far from my place, I had the chance to visit the shop in Nipponbashi and check it out!

Needless to say, I was beside myself with joy upon seeing the store displays and all the merchandise inside! Photography is not allowed inside the store, but I took some photos of the outside displays, as well as my loot. :3

Here’s a stand advertising the special Tales of Shop, with the Tales display to it’s right.

And here’s the window display!

The first shot is hard to see because the sun was out and making the glass reflect everything behind us. But this one was taken at night. – -b

Inside the case are: An Asbel life-size wallscroll, Tales of Xillia jacket, Tokunaga shirt, Tales of Abyss and Xillia reversible bag cover, Lloyd pillow case, 2012 Tales of calendar, and some Abyss ads with one showing Tales of Friends vol. 3.

Here’s a better shot of the Abyss items. :3 (You can see the Abyss side of that reversible bag below)

Here’s the other side of the store front, with a Yuri wallscroll, a Tales of Friends vol. 3 poster (I asked to buy this, but they turned me down. OTZ I knew they would, but I had to try!), and behind the counter inside the store, you can see one of their massive Tales of Xillia tapestries.

And here’s my loot~ I bought a Tales of Party Snack popcorn bag, Tokunaga shirt, stamp collection set, a Tales of Abyss and Xillia reversible bag cover, bookmark set, and a Tales of Festival A1 size poster (not pictured).

The items they gave me as a gift with my purchase were the Tales of Xillia shopping bag, postcards, and a Yuri Greeting Card (it’s up there, but hidden).

And that’s about it! The Tales of Shop features exclusive Tales of Series merchandise only sold there or at Kotobukiya’s online shop! It also has many special goods from Tales of Festival and LaLaBit Market. I recommend making a trip to either of these shops if you’re planning a trip to Japan!

Here’s Kotobukiya’s Online Shop
You can purchase exclusive wallscrolls here, as well as mug cups. I’m hoping they’ll have Abyss merchandise in the future, but for now it’s mostly based on the top 3 characters from the Tales of Character Popularity Poll 2011. Here’s this year’s poll. :3

And here’s Kotobukiya Store Information and Maps


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