Christmas with K-ON!!

I was trying to save money after blowing so much on the Madoka Lottery, but then I made the mistake of visiting Lawson…


Where I hesitated for about 5 minutes before giving in to temptation. orz


Lawson has been carrying a lot of K-ON!! goods recently in honor of the movie. And on top of the normal goods (folders, snacks, etc), they also got in Christmas related merchandise and even had cakes up for reservation. The one I purchased came with a special Yui Kyun Chara. It’s the same one that came out with the K-ON!! Ichiban Kuji a month ago, but this version was shiny pink instead of red. :3 She’s very cute and her hat is removable!


The cake is also very cute, and came with candles and strawberries to set on top.


One of the other Christmas goods included this stocking:


Appropriately displayed with my cat, Mugi. ❤ It's full of chips or some other kind of snack… Not sure. XD I haven't opened it yet.


I also managed to nab these Kotobuki Tsumugi items yesterday! These items are exclusively sold in theatres and the official K-ON!! movie website. I didn’t actually go see the movie yet… I just happened to be there with a friend to check out something else. ^^; (I want to see it though!)


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