Madoka Magica IchibanKuji – Premium Haul!


Today, Dec. 23rd, marked the opening of the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica IchibanKuji Premium lottery! (It also marks my first non-Tales related post). I’m fortunate enough to have a participating bookstore nearby, so I got in line this morning to try my luck! :3

As a Premium Lottery, each pull is 800 yen. It seems pricey, but keep in mind that you will never lose! You are always guaranteed a prize, even if the value of said prize isn’t worth 800 yen. XD


On my first three pulls, I managed to get my most sought after item, PRIZE A! (Kaname Madoka figure) In each Madoka kuji set, there is only one prize A, B, and C. I was also able to get my hands on prize C (the pillow), but cushions aren’t exactly my thing, so I may sell it.


My second aim for this kuji was to get all the Kyun-Characters. They’re about the size of Nendoroids and very nice quality for their price. :3 This time, I got Mami, Moe Homura (The Secret), 2 of Kyoko, and 2 of Sayaka.

I also won two glasses and four straps. I wasn’t fortunate enough to get Charlotte, but I think I did great overall. – -b


These are multiples and items I intend to sell. If you’re interested, just tell me!

And finally, here’s an updated shot of my Kyun-Chara Tower! I think my favorite group thus far is still the Index/Railgun ones. :3


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