Collection: Tales of the Abyss

I thought I’d do something a little different today and share my Tales of the Abyss collection. :3 Tales of the Abyss is my favorite of the Tales of Series, and since I went home to America on vacation two weeks ago, it was the perfect time to re-organize things and take photos!

How I Fell Into the Abyss… -Collecting
(I’ll try to keep this short. XD )
I started collecting TotA figures and merchandise after the game’s US release in 2006. Thanks to a friend’s introduction, Abyss was a game I loved before I even played it. And how couldn’t I love it? I had already fallen for Symphonia a few years before then, and the thought of another game like it had me eager to play!

Collecting is something I’ve been doing since I was little, so as with my other favorite anime/games, I immediately sought out Abyss merchandise in conventions. Though, as we all know, conventions usually only have a fraction of what’s out there… Abyss had a lot more to offer, but buying from overseas was just too expensive for me back then.

My collection didn’t really take off until 2010, when I moved to Japan. It’s only been a year and four months since I moved here, but my Abyss collection has about tripled. Whereas I could only get figures and keychains back home, I now had access to Yahoo!Japan Auctions, and could find everything I was missing out on from the beginning.

There are still many things I’m missing, of course, but I’m happy with how it’s turned out so far. :3 And when I went back home on holiday in November, I had a chance to set up my new collection in a nice display.

My parents let me take over the hallways in front of my bedroom~ >v>

Top Shelf
First up are the trading figures (special weapon ver. on display, normal versions in the box), Prop Plus Petit figures, Tales of Friends vol. 1 and 2, Tales of Friends bookmark set (Luke and Guy), Tokunaga Plush, The Sorcerer’s Ring (ring and necklace), Luke and Asch Namja Town Cloth

Second Shelf (right to left)
Screen Guard A, Clip Poster Box, Memo Mouse Pad B, Tales of Festival Luke Necklace, Namja Town Luke Postcard, Card Binder, Tales of Festival Luke iphone case, CD Case Covers, Memo Mouse Pad A, Screen Guard B, Anime Bookmark Set A, Drinking Glass (under Luke figure), PS2 Folder

This is also the shelf I plan to display the ALTAiR Luke figure on. :3

Third Shelf
Tales of Series Apple Gumi Tin, Kotobukiya Natalia Figure, Tales of Friends Coasters vol. 1 and 2, Milestone Tear Figure, Movic’s Tales of Series Mascots vol. 2, Funyamafu Asch and Luke fan, Anime Memo Pad B, Kotobukiya Tear Figure

Fourth Shelf
I haven’t figured out how to utilize the space on the fourth shelf yet, but for now, it’s holding my Abyss Towels. The bottom shelf will likely hold the DVDs and official manga.

Bulletin Boards!
There are a LOT of fasteners, pins, keychains, folders, etc, for Abyss, so I decided to buy bulletin boards and cover them in wrapping paper in order to display all these small trinkets and stationary items.

Bulletin Board 1 (right to left, top to bottom) (complete sets)
Game fasteners, Malkuth Pin, Kimlasca Pin, Namja Town Badge, Animate Pre-Order Bonus Handkerchief (3DS), Namja Town Luke Coaster, Tales of Friends Bookmark Set, Game Netsuke (metal charm)

Mieu and Rappig Cellphone Strap, Anime Fasteners, Namja Town Luke Hand Mirror, Anime Figure Cellphone Straps, Tales of Friends, KaraKore Asch and Luke Fasteners, Mieu Mobile Cleaner, Game Capacity Core Cellphone Strap, Game Official Art Pins (missing Mieu)

Bulletin Board 2 (right to left, top to bottom)
Cell Phone Stickers, Game Stickers, Movic KaraKore Folder, Anime Folder, Movic Tales Folder, Tales of Festival Luke Uchiwa (Fan), PSP Sticker, Anime Pencil Board, Anime Folder, Anime Mouse Pad B, Animate Fair Mini Pencil Board, Tales of Friends Folder

These posters were not for sale. They were ads for the PS2 game (two on the right), and the Abyss Drama CDs (left).

While these are the only posters I have up at the moment, I also have most of the Trading Clip Posters, and some of the 3DS posters as well.

I’m also collecting the Tales of the Abyss Cards, the normal and special editions. My normal edition set (pictured above) is complete. I’m still missing a few from the special edition as well as some of the rare (sp) cards.

Tell me if you’re selling any of them! ❤

Anyone else have photos of their Tales of collections? :3



2 thoughts on “Collection: Tales of the Abyss

  1. …Man I had no idea how much of a hardcore collector you are!! I underestimated you! Some of the products are even sealed still! That’s some dedication LOL

  2. Hi there, I was looking for Tales of fans on WordPress, when I saw this post O_O I really love your collection, you should open paied visit to it xD
    I’m a huge fan of the series, specially TotA, Tear is my most used character, even on spinoff like Radiant Mythology.

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