Tales of Symphonia – Cafe at ufotable

In honor of the Tales of Symphonia OVA, ufotable will be hosting a Symphonia themed cafe! (similar to the Tales of Cafe a few months back).

When: 11/22 ~ 11/27
Where: ufotable Cafe in Tokyo and Tokushima
Official Website: ToS at ufotable

As with the “Tales of” themed cafe, the Symphonia one will feature a special menu with a “present” you can receive for ordering certain items! Exclusive merchandise will also be on sale during this time.

For sale items, exclusive to the cafe
Drink Order: comes with free coaster (Lloyd & Mithos or Yuan & Kratos)

For sale items, exclusive to the cafe
Postcard: 100 yen
Pin Badge: 200 yen
(Not sure if these are the finished products or sample sketches)

I’d also like to point out the cruelness of ufotable for locating themselves geographically closer than Osaka City to me, yet further away because it’s across the sea. OTZ Why is there no Tales of specials in Osaka!? *crai*


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