ALTAiR’s Luke – Pre-Orders Open!

Release date: late April
Price: check each webshop below to compare prices!

Retail Price: 7,300 yen

AmiAmi Price: 5,800 yen

AmiAmi is one of the biggest Anime webshops in Japan! They ship internationally by either EMS or SAL. Check here for shipping estimates: Shipping

AmiAmi has some of the cheapest prices around, typically lower than retail values. I have used them many times and highly recommend them.

Big in Japan Price: 5,694 yen

A reliable webshop based in Japan. And the lowest price for Luke, yet!
However, this is one of the only websites listed that requires you to pay in advance.

Hobby Link Japan Price: 6,570 yen

HLJ is another great webshop located in Japan. Their site is very user-friendly and they give you shipping estimates on each product page!

Also frequently used and highly recommended.

Hobby Search Price: 6,132 yen

I have never ordered from this site, but they also give very nice discounts and have a point system. :3

Otacute Price: $82.50 USD

I’ve used Otacute several times in the past when other websites were sold out of my wished item. I’d recommend hitting them up if Luke’s pre-orders are sold out on other sites, or if he’s sold out after the release date.

Otacute shows all prices in US dollars, so it’s a nice way of knowing what you’re going to spend (even if we don’t wanna know XD ). However, they don’t have much along the lines of discounts.


There are many online figure shops out there. If you know of any in your region of the world, chances are they’ll be selling Luke as well! They might not be as cheap as AmiAmi, HLJ, or Hobby Search, but it’s always worth a look!


If you need an estimate for shipping, try looking at figures currently on sale on each site. Typically, EMS and SAL will be about the same no matter which webshop you choose.

Finally, for those seriously considering buying this figure, I will always recommend pre-ordering. In many cases, figures aren’t restocked after they sell out. So a pre-order will be your safest option to assure you get Luke. ❤


6 thoughts on “ALTAiR’s Luke – Pre-Orders Open!

  1. Finally! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for the pre-orders to start! But its fin ally here! it’s finally happening!!! This is one of my fangirl dreams come true!!!!!!!!

    • Well, let’s see… We first heard about Luke at the end of May and the pre-order went up last week. Yep, that’s basically forever to me. XD Geez, ALTAiR is so much slower than Alter. I’m just going to pretend they used those 5.5 months to perfect Luke. :|b

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