Luke fon Fabre by ALTAiR – Official Shots and Preorder

Alter is commonly known among figure collectors as having some of the highest quality (for price) out there, and I think the craftsmanship of the sculptor really shines through in Luke. I can only hope the final product looks just as gorgeous as this!

The shadows and gradient in the hair are just stunning! And maybe it’s just me, but his face looks even BETTER here than it did when Luke was revealed during Animate’s Girls Festival!

No matter how gorgeous that long hair is though, I just can’t help but fall for short-haired Luke all over again! He looks so cute and determined here it makes me wonder whether ALTAiR purposely made this figure to represent Luke as he was towards the end of the game. ;___;

I also just have to love those big eyes! I’m glad he turned out looking younger than ALTAiR’s Vesperia line. :3

As ALTAiR pointed out on their blog, the change of facial expression and hair makes Luke appear like two completely different figures (despite having the same pose) because the feeling changes so drastically between the two.

Pre-orders for Luke will open beginning Wednesday, November 9th. (JPN time) :>

I would highly recommend pre-ordering versus waiting for a release, as figures often sell out and aren’t restocked after their initial release. I’m sure anyone who bought the Yuri Lowell figure by ALTAiR knows what I’m talking about. XD (he WAS re-released, but even so, he’s still hard to find).


One thought on “Luke fon Fabre by ALTAiR – Official Shots and Preorder

  1. I still can’t get over how pretty he is! I love how the dark shots really bring out the colour in his hair, while the light shots really bring out the red. The gradients are just gorgeous and I love so much that they didn’t make his hair the bright orange it is on the sprite but that beautiful gorgeous red. I am so excited to pre-order him, I can’t wait until it opens!!!!!

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