Luke by ALTAiR – Short-Haired Luke in Color!

I went out to my local bookstore today and was ecstatic to see Luke appearing in the newest issue of Dengeki Hobby! Why? Cause we finally get to see the short-hair version in color! \o/

Sorry for the bad quality. I don’t have a scanner and had to stick with using my camera for now. orz

No info has been released yet about the price or release date. In the magazine, both spots simple say it’s TBA. All we DO know is that he’s 1/8 scale and 22 cm.

I love that ALTAiR gave short-haired Luke bigger eyes and an overall younger looking face. ❤ I think they captured him perfectly here, and I’m only sad that my camera skills couldn’t do him justice. orz

So, what do you guys think? Which version is your favorite? :3


6 thoughts on “Luke by ALTAiR – Short-Haired Luke in Color!

  1. I already fangirlled all over your journal so I will proceed to do so again here XD I find his short haired face so adorable! I’m still amazed how well they made short haired Luke really feel like short haired Luke while using the same pose that suits long-haired Luke so well. Lorelei I can’t wait for this to come out!!!

    • And I thank you for it. ❤ It was quite lonely fangirling over this by myself when I found it in the bookstore. D:

      I really can't wait for this! I hope pre-orders come up soon!

      • I know that feeling – you want to pitch and squeal and ramble only to realize that there’s on one to do this TO. Of course that never seems to stop me, but then I get labelled as schizophrenic and its such a hassle breaking out of mental facilities.

    • ISN’T HE!? 8D I flipped out when I found it. The actual magazine shots look much better than this. I wish I had a scanner to do him justice!

      Clearly you need to do a bit of custom work with clay/whatever and add on a little bit of pink hair tucked in with the rest. XD ❤

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