Exclusive Asch Strap With Tales of Friends vol. 3!

The Tales of Friends vol. 3 Rubber Strap Collection was announced a while back with pre-orders already having been opened for several weeks. But thanks to a comrade on myfigurecollection.net, I came upon this great news from Kotobukiya!


Asch the Bloody from Tales of the Abyss is a special bonus strap you can get by purchasing 1 box of Tales of Friends vol. 3 rubber straps.

However, there’s a catch! (a nasty one) Buyers can only obtain the Asch strap by purchasing a box at Kotobukiya’s online store: Kotobukiya Direct

One box is 4,725 yen, and since Kotobukiya Direct does NOT do international shipping, you’ll have to use a shopping service to buy him. The set goes on sale in January, 2012.

Shopping Services:
Celga: Celga
Japonica: japonica

If buying a whole box is too much money for you, you might also think about waiting for Asch to pop up on Yahoo!Japan auctions and using a shopping service to buy him there. But there’s no guarantee he’ll be cheap. TT

I wish you all luck in finding him. o7

….I-I pre-ordered two boxes. |D; I can’t help it, Asch and short-haired Luke are my greatest weaknesses.


7 thoughts on “Exclusive Asch Strap With Tales of Friends vol. 3!

    • I know. TT I feel extremely lucky that I happen to live in Japan at the time all this stuff is being released and I can order it myself. Even if I were in America, I’d go for it with a shopping service, but it’d be so expensive with the fees and exchange rate…

      Speaking of the rubber straps though, I should have the Luke one you wanted when they release this week (assuming you still want it? XD ) and I’ve already shipped your bleach manga and the other Abyss straps to my home so you wouldn’t have to pay international shipping. I’ll update you when I have everything. ❤

  1. I’m sooo torn….. I want him… T.T I wish there were more straps in vol 3 that I would want – then this decision would be so much easier. Really Asch, Kratos and SHLuke are the only ones I’d want.

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