Tales of Series 2012 Calendar!

A calendar celebrating 15 years of Tales of Series titles! Don’t let the cover fool you, this isn’t just Xillia~

 Are your wallets prepared for this one, Tales of fans?

I have to admit, at first I was rather confused myself. On AmiAmi and other web-shops, this calendar was being advertised as “Tales of Series 2012 Calendar”, but the cover (with nothing but Xillia characters) was all that was shown as a preview of the product.

  • Product Name: Tales of Series 2012 Calendar
  • Description: A2 size, 7 pages
  • Release Date: Early November
  • Price: 1,600 yen (1,399 from AmiAmi)
  • Where to orderAmiAmi pre-order page

However, I finally discovered a proper description on Japan’s Amazon site that said the cover was indeed Xillia, but inside were Fujishima Kousuke and Inomata Mutsumi’s key visuals and jacket illustrations, looking back over 15 years. Now, the only problem with this is that there are more Tales of Series than can fit in 7 (6 after the cover) pages of a calendar.

It will be interesting to see how the calendar turns out, but for now, we also have the image above to give us an idea!

This is a preview image from Animate’s online shop.

Call me crazy, but I’m almost under the suspicion that these are two separate items…. XD  Since the release dates are different (the first being the beginning of November, but this one advertising the middle of October) they could be different, but we’ll have to wait and see! I pre-ordered this one from Animate and it supposedly comes out next week, so the wait won’t be too long!


7 thoughts on “Tales of Series 2012 Calendar!

  1. Hey! I was wondering if you received the calendar yet. I want to get it for my bf since he’s a Tales of fan especially one in particular. Let me know which series it covers!

    • I have, but I’m afraid it will be a while before I open it. I’m taking it with me to America in a few days, so it’s all packed up in my suitcase, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to wrestle it back in the package if I take it out. XD

      Which game are you hoping for? If it’s a major title, then it will definitely be there, and it looks like some of the handheld titles will as well. It looks like this inside.

    • Yes, it will have Tales of the Abyss in there, too. :3 The calendar will use the official artwork from the games though, so there won’t be any new illustrations, probably just the Abyss game cover art and Luke beside it.

      If you looked at the link I gave you of the inside sample, Abyss’ page will be similar. – -b

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