Tales of Series Accessories – Series 1, 2, and 3

Since we’re on the topic of exclusive items, and I mentioned one of the necklaces (Milla’s) in my last post, I thought I’d go ahead and introduce all the necklaces from the Tales of Accessories line.

It doesn’t look as though these items are well known among fans outside of Japan (mostly because they’re event exclusives), so I hope I can show you guys something new today! And maybe point you in the right direction for where to buy them~

Series Three

(This series is currently available for pre-order)

  • Tales of Xillia Accessory – Jude
  • 5,775 yen (tax included)
  • Released at: Tokyo Game Show 2011, MARUI ONE Event, and Namja Town x Tales
  • Where to buy: http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/p/120060/ (pre-order, releases late November)

  • Tales of Xillia Accessory – Milla
  • 5,775 yen (tax included)
  • Released at: Tokyo Game Show 2011, MARUI ONE Event, and Namja Town x Tales
  • Where to buy: http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/p/120061/ (pre-order, releases late November)
Series Two

  • Tales of Abyss Accessory – Luke fon Fabre (and Asch)
  • 5,000 yen (tax included)
  • Released at: Tales of Festival 2011
  • Where to buy: http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/p/119311/ (sold out)
  • Yahoo Japan Search: Tales of Accessory search
  • Notes: The characters on the front of the accessory are in the TotA Fonic alphabet and read “L” and “A” for Luke and Asch

Series One

  • Tales of Vesperia Accessory – Yuri Lowell
  • 4,000 yen
  • Released at: Tales of Festival 2010
  • Where to buy: ???
  • Yahoo Japan Search: Tales of Accessory search

  • Tales of Vesperia Accessory – Estelle
  • 4,000 yen
  • Released at: Tales of Festival 2010
  • Where to buy: ???
  • Yahoo Japan Search: Tales of Accessory search

And that’s all of them (so far)! It’s interesting how quickly they evolved from the simple (and somewhat costume-y) look in Series One, to the jewelry in Seasons Two and Three that could easily be worn with street clothes without anyone being the wiser. XD I certainly wouldn’t peg most of them as game related jewelry, would you?

  • Anyhow, I wanted to talk about these quickly for people interested in Series Three, as Series Two pre-orders sold out on LaLaBit Market so quickly last time that none of my Tales of comrades had a chance to snag them. 
I’d be happy if I helped even a single person find their sought after item. It took me three full months to find Luke fon Fabre’s accessory after I missed the LaLaBit Market sale. OTZ

11 thoughts on “Tales of Series Accessories – Series 1, 2, and 3

    • I wish I had realized when the sale was going on in time. TT I ended up buying mine in an auction for an amount I’d rather not share… (it isn’t in my hands yet or I’d take photos of it). But even at the outrageous prices, I just couldn’t resist a necklace that said “Luke” and “Asch”. <333 Love the back of it, too~

  1. Wow – they really are pretty! I love the Luke and Asch one – Gosh I’d love to get my hands on one it’s so pretty!! I also really like the XIllia ones. I can’t decide if I like the blue/silver or the red/gold more. Though I’d probably want the silver one, if only cause it would go with more of my outfits XD T.T I have got to learn japanese someday – my lack is leaving me out of opportunities to get all these awesome goodies.

    • Oh man, I know what you mean! They’re so lovely TuT … But so expensive ahhhh.

      And I second your comment about Japanese .__.’ Kanji marks my untimely death with the language, -sadface- ;w; WHY JAPAN. WHY T^T …

    • If you’re interested in buying something on an online shop or auction, just use a shopping service and they do all the work for you, no Japanese necessary. – -b

      Actually, most online shops and auctions in Japan don’t even offer international shipping, so unless you have a contact in Japan, you might have to use one. They basically have the item shipped to their office, then ship it to you after its arrived. There are fees though, so the item would probably be about $10 more with the fee and a few extra for domestic shipping. If you’re still interested, I would recommend Celga ( http://celga.com/ ) or Japonica ( http://www.japonicamarket.com/ ).

      I recently used Japonica to get my Luke necklace. TTb I wish I could’ve ordered it back in June from the shop myself, but since I missed it, and my spending limit on Yahoo!Japan auctions is 4,999 yen, it was my only other option.

  2. Man that sure is pricey for a necklace…I mean yeah it looks great…!! But wow–It better be top material and not some cheap plastic ._.;

  3. After seeing those prices on Y!JA, I regret SO. MUCH. waffling on ordering the Luke necklace!! I actually could have pre-ordered it in time, too… sob.

    Now I’m probably gonna let the same thing happen again cos I can’t decide if I like Milla’s or Jude’s necklace more! S-sigh. If only I had more cash. ;^; Plus I intend on getting some dishes too I think orz;;

    • I share your regret, as there had been a Luke necklace on Mbok (another Japanese auction site) for only 6,000 yen, and thinking I would have no problem getting it, I was easily outbid by someone while I was sleeping. TT I regretted it so much that I jumped at the chance for the second necklace (probably the only other one in two months!) even though it was very expensive. It was by the same seller as the Luke necklace up now.

      Now that I know about LaLaBit Market though, never again. = =;; I’m sad though, as Abyss is quickly losing the spotlight and probably won’t have the same pile of merchandise at Tales of Festival 2012. But… I’ll wait and hope! Plus now I have Alter’s Luke figure to gush over. ❤

      As for your problem of which necklace to choose… If I were you, I'd ask myself which one I'd be more likely to wear with street clothes. Are your other jewelry pieces gold or silver?

  4. I would love to buy the Yuri’s one and also the Asch’s one but XD thanks to Xillia I’m poor right now and these lovely and wonderful little things are really expensive if we include shipping taxs. I specially liked the Yuri’s necklace only for the engraved -shame on me-. Curious thing… is the only one that has written on it the name of the game is inspired from.

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