Special Tales of Xillia Goods at LaLaBit Market! (pre-orders open)

As a collector, I can’t help but be drawn to rare items. And Japan just happens to be the leader in all things special, exclusive, limited, and wallet draining. And that’s why I love living here. ❤

It doesn’t matter what anime, game, etc. you’re into. If you search for it, there are going to be limited goods somewhere out there on the market. And of course, Tales of games are no exception!

Tales of Xillia, in particular, was introduced before its release with a massive amount of advertising and special events, celebrating not only the release of the new mothership title, but the Tales of 15th anniversary. And today, we’re going to be looking at some exclusive items, including those from the “Tales of Cafe” at Ufotable Café.

Tales of Cafe took place at ufotable Café in Tokyo from July 16th-31st and in Tokushima from September 1st-18th.

While the cafe featured displays from all major Tales of titles, Tales of Xillia was definitely the focus, with place-mats and coasters around the shop featuring original artwork and products that were only available from the cafe.

But now, for a limited time, those very products are available for pre-order at Bandai’s LaLaBit Market! http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/tales/

 Tales of Xillia Glass: 1,500

Tales of Xillia Mug Cup: 1,500 yen

Tales of Xillia Curry Dish: 2,200 yen

Aside from the Tales of Cafe goods, some other special items from Tales of Xillia have also gone on sale as of today!

Tales of Xillia Accessory (Milla): 5,775 yen

There are a ton of Tales of Xillia and other Tales of Series goods to check out, so go take a look before time runs out! http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/tales/

Please note that you’ll need a shopping service for these items! Most pre-orders ship out in November.


9 thoughts on “Special Tales of Xillia Goods at LaLaBit Market! (pre-orders open)

    • Yeah, I’ve really liked all of Namco’s Tales of necklaces/accessories this year. ❤ There's another one on the page for Jude, too.

      On the other hand, last year's Vesperia accessories were… well… I guess I'd call them an experiment to get where they are now. XD; They weren't bad, just not up to par with this year's lineup.

      • Well practice makes perfect I guess – even for the pros ^.~

        Sometimes its hard to find a recognizable symbol that at the same time won’t look like costume jewellery. They’ve been doing a great job though!

    • Yeah, every time I think I’m finished buying for a while, new Tales stuff keeps popping up! (Not that I’m complaining, but I think my wallet hates me by now XD ).

  1. Oh my gosh i really wish i could understand Japanese. I really want to order some of these things ;A; Especially those necklaces if their going to be sold only for a limited time! They’re gorgeous

    • I can help you with that if you like! I’ve ordered from this site before.
      According to the page on the necklaces, they are already available for pre-order and will ship out in the latter half of November (pre-orders will stop before then though). If you want to order them, you can use a shopping service like Celga: http://celga.com/ or Japonica: http://www.japonicamarket.com/

      You basically just give them the URL, the amount, etc and they order it for you. You will need Paypal for this though!

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