How Much Would You Pay for Early Releases?

How about over $700 USD for a single fastener strap?

And what sort of strap could be worth that much?

Well, apparently Yuri Lowell of Tales of Vesperia is… At least to certain fans.

In what had to be the fastest escalating bidding war I’ve witnessed on Yahoo!Japan yet, this small strap quickly went from 5,000 yen in the last hour, to 25,000 yen, and so on until it ended just a short while ago at the final price of 57,000 yen (approximately $740 USD).

Needless to say, I was kind of shocked.

Yuri Lowell is due for regular release near the end of October 2011, but Kotobukiya sold some of the Tales of Friends Vol. 2 straps in a special early release at their booth in AFG (Animate Girls Festival). …Needless to say, some scalpers were all over it. And one of them seriously cashed in.

So tell me guys, with this strap having a retail value of only 450 yen (about $6 USD), is it really worth the extra $700 to get him a month early? 


10 thoughts on “How Much Would You Pay for Early Releases?

  1. No. 😐 Not at all.

    Whomever bought that must not realize that it’s going to be released soon. I *REFUSE* to believe that someone would pay that much just for an early release.

    • Yeah, it was painful just watching it! Before it came into the last hour of bidding, I was already surprised that Yuri, Guy, and Flynn were all around $60. THAT seemed crazy enough. XD

  2. In short: no. That’s crazy!! I guess maybe I’m not a hardcore collector, but I can’t for the life of me understand how its worth $700 just to get it 31 days in advance. I might be able to understand if it was like a limited edition version or if it was different than the standard release in some way – but for just the normal strap that I can get in a month. I’ll wait and treat myself to a couple boxes of them for that price lol.

    • Exactly. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was crazy enough when it got up to 25,000. XD It looks like the same bidder put a very high max bid on all the straps from the set. I tried to bid on Luke, but stopped after I realized there was no end to the max. orz Luke got to around $20 and Guy got up to $60!

      • Lol – I’m actually kinda surprised to hear that Guy went for more then Luke did. Then again – maybe the person who bought Yuri thought it was an alternate Flynn *shot multiple times*

      • I don’t think it’s a matter of Guy being worth more to fans than Luke. Like the case with Yuri… there just happened to be two people in a bidding war, willing to pay extreme amounts to get him. Obviously, Luke fans are just more cautious with their money (as completely out of character for LH-Luke that is XD ). In a second round of auctions of these keychains, Luke had around 8 bidders, but they only bid once at the minimum amount.

  3. I could not pay so much o.o… maybe it the strap was made in gold or something XD -ok, no, I could not afford it anyway XD-. To tell the truth, that sounds kinda crazy -crazier than buy japanese videogames when you don’t understand a word of the language xD-

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