Exclusive Tales of Items by Kotobukiya

At Comiket 80 and the 2011 Animate Girls Festival, Kotobukiya opened a booth to display and sell their newest items. However, not all of these items were available as general releases.

Following the design of Kotobukiya’s recent “Tales of Friends” line, the company designed and sold the following items at both of the aforementioned events:

First up is a set of bookmarks! These cute little items are exclusive, and could only be purchased at Kotobukiya’s event booth.

Product Info:

  • Name: Bookmark Collection – Tales of Friends A~E
  • Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
  • Price: 450 yen each
  • Where to Buy: You’d be lucky to find them on auction. Looks like this seller has a couple on Mbok: http://www.mbok.jp/item/item_329897973.html


And next up is a set of folders! While these folders are designed in the same style as their strap counterparts, the top folders are actually original designs and feature different poses and expressions than the straps. One set comes with two folders, in the same pairs as shown above (top and bottom, A B C).
Product Info:
  • Name: Tales of Friends Clear File Sets A, B, C
  • Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
  • Price: 600 yen each (630 with Japanese 5% tax)
  • Where to Buy: Try Yahoo!Japan if you’re interested – -b
At the Animate Girls Festival, Kotobukiya also had a special early release of their Tales of Friends – Rubber Straps vol. 2! If you’re interested in purchasing these little guys a month early, you can find them on Y!Japan (for much higher than the normal price XD ).
Information and photographs are from Kotobukiya’s official blog here: http://ameblo.jp/kotobukiya3/page-1.html#main

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