Luke fon Fabre by ALTAiR – Event Photos

As promised earlier on ALTAiR’s blog, the first color prototype of their Luke fon Fabre figure was displayed at the Animate Girls Festival 2011 (AGF) on September 23rd and 24th.

With his dynamic pose, vibrant hair, and changeable heads, Luke is promising to be one of the best from the ALTAiR line yet!

The gradiation in Luke’s hair is very well done, and I can only hope the final product will be just as stunning!

Also, keep in mind that Luke will come with an extra head featuring a different expression as well as short hair. 

This is the only official shot we have of Luke thus far, but keep an eye out, because I doubt the rest of the official photos will be far behind!

Product Information

  • Name: Luke fon Fabre
  • Manufacturer: Alter / ALTAiR
  • Price: Unknown
  • Release date: 2012

5 thoughts on “Luke fon Fabre by ALTAiR – Event Photos

  1. Featured in “Animate Girls Festival”. It’s no wonder the Tales of Series has so many female followers in Japan lol > u > I dunt know if you saw this, but I ran into this video where some of the cast of the Tales series would come out screaming their Hi Ougi lines, and the guys would come out with cheers, but it was complete silences for the female cast hahaha! it was pretty hard to watch ;~;

    • You said it! I know there are male gamers who are into the Tales of Series as well, but companies like Kotobukiya have really started aiming their products at female audiences (I mean, just look at the Tales of Friends boxes XD ).

      Man, that is harsh! It’s true that I love Luke and some of the other guys, but there are lots of lovable female characters, too. ❤

      • I hope Alter or Kotobukiya makes a Judith figure….Eh? Eh? Right? RIGHT?! That would be so awesome hahaha!

  2. So pretty! The colours are even more stunning in the official photos! The red looks so much deeper and it makes the gradient that much more impressive. He is definitely a personal favourite from the ALTAiR line *cough*untiltheymakeAsch*cough* (though I might be a bit biased lol)

    • Yes! I hope that’s how they are in the final product as well. ^^ The showcase lights really don’t do him justice (not that he doesn’t look great anyhow).

      And here’s hoping -again- that an Asch figure sees the light of day!

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