Tales of Friends vol. 1 – Out of the Box

Interested in seeing what the Tales of Friends rubber straps look like out of the box?

Or how about THE box? I gotta give it to Kotobukiya on this one. These boxes are some of the cutest I’ve seen (albeit a little girly), and I can’t wait to see Vol. 2 and 3. XD

As I mentioned in my previous post, I got my hands on Sophie, Milla, Lloyd, and Zelos. They’re a good size for rubber straps. Not tiny, but still small enough to juuuust fit in your pocket.

Height wise, they’re about the same as the Vocaloid rubber straps, but much wider. They might be a little big for some of our cell phones, but since they have a fastener, they can also be used to clip on backpack zippers or… practically anything you can think of.

Here’s a close-up of Milla (click to zoom in).

It was difficult to find an appropriate object for a comparison shot, so my kitty, Mugi, decided to help.


4 thoughts on “Tales of Friends vol. 1 – Out of the Box

  1. They are so cute!! Though I agree, it totally looks like they let a Kindergardener design the box ~ but its definitely cutesy so I hope thats what they were going for. I’m so excited for the second set now! I want Luke!

    Also – Milla has grown since you last posted pictures of her! She’s still just as adorable though ^^

    • I guess if their plan was to ward off boys from ever buying these, they did an excellent job. I actually like them a lot though.

      Oh, you mean Mugi? XD Yeah, she’s nearly 7 months old now, but since she’s a ragdoll, she looks bigger than most kittens her age.

  2. Awwwwwwwh!! Milla!! The Vocaloid Straps, Finger size, and cat size comparison were good enough~ There’s no other way to get them…? We “have” to buy em in bulks? Like maybe purchase 5 individually or something lol. Thanks for sharing!! You got good pulls ;~;

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