Tales of Friends: Vol. 1, 2 and 3

Tales of Friends: rubber strap collection vol. 1 was released this past week, so let’s start things off with a look at all of them!

Here’s the first volume. I didn’t pre-order this set, but since I was at Animate when they released, I picked up a few. ^^ Managed to get Sophie, Milla, Lloyd, and Zelos

Here’s volume 2 which will release in October, probably around the same time of the month as volume 1. Abyss is my favorite of the Tales of Series, so this was a must for me. Since I preordered the set with Animate, I will receive a set of Tales of Coasters when this is released.

And here’s the newest of the sets! Volume 3 won’t release until January 2011.

Anyone else hoping for a volume 4?



5 thoughts on “Tales of Friends: Vol. 1, 2 and 3

  1. Emil, Tear, Milla–Must have!! But they’re at random aren’t they, like those darn Gachapon Boxed Figures…Amiami is sold out–I was too late!! But $3($36?) [I don’t really remember how to read Yen] + shipping + tax is a lot for a box…I just wanted one ;~; You should upload pictures of how big they really are! Like whether they are those really tiny strap ones or the–kinda palm sized ones~

    • Yes, unfortunately they are at random. When I went to Animate, I tested out the order of how the straps were placed in the boxes by buying two that were in the exact same spots from different boxes. So I can tell you that the packages are mixed around. However, you are guaranteed a complete set with the purchase of 1 box. – -b

      I will be taking photos of the ones I purchased very soon! ^^ They’re quite big for rubber straps! (bigger than the Vocaloid ones)

      • $45 dollars for a box–With some repeats…MMMMMMM Well I guess they “would” make good birthday presents too if you don’t want the extras lol! But yeah! I hope to see some pics!

      • No, there are no repeats. XD Sorry to confuse you. I meant that I took two straps from two different boxes. Both straps were in the same position in each box (front right), but were different. Therefore, the ordering of the straps inside each box is different.

        As I mentioned, you’re guaranteed a complete set in a box. Since there are ten different characters and ten per box, you won’t get any extras. – -b

        Also, I updated with a web shop that still has Volume 1 available ^^

      • OHGAWD…!! The HobbyLinkJapan site…$53+$12Shipping fee….Awwh;; It all depends now–Do I really want to; Am I really that much of a die hard Tales of fan…? Heeeeey Usada~ How about you go for a gamble and if you get a Milla Strap, I buy it off you!! OH yeah! Sweet deal huh? Can’t find that kind of thing anywhere else hahaha~

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